4 Thigh High Boots That Stay Up [2023 Review]

Knee-high boots are the epitome of fall shoe style! Finding the perfect pair of glorious over-the-knee boots that stay up is a plus to sum up a glamorous look.

It is pretty discomforting to stumble upon a pair of killer thigh boots then spend the rest of the time yanking the boots up. Within the post, we will round up some of the stylish thigh high boots that stay up.

Thigh high boots that stay up are dependent on the method of fastening at the top. These boots are popular with femmes who want to rock and look stylishly sassy in the office or outdoor engagements. Below are some over-the-knee boots that stay up!

Thigh High Boots That Stay Up

1. Women Over Knee Long Winter Boots

The N.N.G Women Boots Winter Over Knee Long Boots feature 100% soft and supple suede material.

The boots have a sleek fit with a walkable block heel to optimize comfort and aid ladies who can’t stand on a stiletto. They blend an easy to pull on back zipper for an adjustable fit.

The long boots integrate a lightly padded footbed with enough space for extra insole cushioning. Its heel height and block structure optimize boot comfort. Their rubber outsole footbed is hard enough to provide decent traction on wet pavement.

The women over knee long boots come in different heel heights ranging from two inches to three inches. In addition, they offer two closure types, including Weitzman-Esque lace-up and elastic gore on the back.


  • Comfortable ankle boots
  • Optimized traction
  • Easy to adjust and pull on
  • Affordable 


  • It has too big a heel cup that makes the foot slide forward.

2. XYD Women Stiletto High Heel Over The Knee Boots

They are fierce stiletto over the knee boots accented with four tonal and adjustable buckles plus a side half zip-up to ease wear on/off. The XYD women’s stiletto thigh-high high heel boots are available in vegan synthetic leather and suede finishes.

The boots feature a 4.75-inch heel with a rubber sole to keep your footing stable on surfaces. XYD over-the-knee boots come in a wide range of sizes and color patterns. Boot wearers can easily combine the shoes with other outfits; thus, making them ideal boots for parties, festivals, and business wear.

The thigh-high boot has a top opening of 15-inches and a calf circumference of 12.6 inches to facilitate a perfect fit. In addition, the boot has a 4.2-inch high heel that makes the legs more slender.


  • Easy to fit using adjustable buckles and side zip
  • Suitable for casual occasions
  • You can easily match it with different clothes
  • Comfortable fit


  • The pointed heel provide low traction on surfaces

3. Shoe’N Tale Women Stretch Thigh High Over the Knee Boots

The Shoe’N tale heeled thigh-high boots boast a sculpted forefoot style. It is made using stretchy suede material to enhance fitting and ensure they stay in place. The over-the-knee boots integrate a discrete zippered calf for a customized fit.

Shoe’N tale over the knee boots has a relatively thin and stiff rubber sole that provides firm support without weighing you down. They are available in various stylish options, from classic block heels, stilettos, leather boots, faux suede boots, and snakeskin finishes.

Shoe’N tale high boots coalesce cushioned interiors to offer maximum comfort when in pursuits. The elegant over-the-knee boots have a top opening of 14-inch circumference to allow easy wear on/off. Despite not being skin-tight, the boots don’t move the slightest. 

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  • Elastic enough for a perfect fit
  • Zippered to ease adjustments
  • Perfectly positioned heels for maximum comfort


  • The boots have a horrible odor

4. Liliana DB54 Women Pointy Toe Thigh High Stiletto Boot

The skin-tight Liliana DB54 pointy toe thigh high stiletto boot is made from a slinky synthetic material that fits like a second skin.

The boot features a cushioned footbed with a padded insole to optimize comfort on various day-to-day pursuits. They are ideal boots for persons living in warm environments.

The boot is designed to integrate a comfortable fitting style to help accentuate your legs and elegant look. It has a treaded outsole to offer maximum safety and deter fatigue. The Liliana thigh-high stiletto boot integrates a zipper closure to ease adjustability when wearing on/ off.

Moreover, the stiletto boot features a perfectly positioned heel height to prevent feet from squeezing.


  • Easy to adjust fitness
  • Super comfortable boots to walk in
  • Perfect for slimmer legs


  • Has little arch support

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Simple Tricks and Hacks to Help Keep your Knee-high Boots Up

Get the fabulous look from high boots all day long without slouching, falling, or sinking. Below are some hacks to help you keep your thigh-high boots up;

1. Buy stiff leather boots.

Stiff leather is treated not to flop over, slouch, or slip down easily. Stiff leather boots are known to retain their shape and stay above the knee. Try wearing the boots to check on their stiffness.

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Thigh High Boots That Stay Up

2. Pair the boots with textured tights

Knee-high boots with an extra smidge of wiggle can be perfectly paired with a pair of textured tights, leggings. Textured tights can help give your knee-high boots that bit of staying power they need to stay up.

3. Mini hook and hair tie hack

Place the hook adhesive on the back of the boot. Use a tiny tack stitch to sew the hair elastic in place on the socks or the pants you are planning to wear. Slide down the sewn hair tie over the mini hook. The hooking keeps the boots intact to prevent falling.

4. Wear a boot bra or bootstraps

The bootstraps/ bra creates friction at the top of your boot and keeps it intact. Boot bras and straps feature adhesive to keep your boots up.

5. Pair with skinny denim jeans

Denim jeans are naturally textured, hence, ideal for wearing underneath thigh-high boots. The texture from the denim will keep your boots up and in place. Denim skinny jeans additionally prevent bulking and creasing.

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6. Buy boots with a zip-up

A zipper is usually a pretty stiff feature that helps keep the boot up along the length of the zipper seams.

7. Use military elastic bootstraps.

The military bootstraps are made to keep military pants tucked away into boots. Use the bungee cord to wrap around the outside of the boot. Hook it around the thigh area to keep the boots intact.

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How do I keep my thigh-high boots from falling?

Keeping your thigh-high boots up all day long is imperative in maintaining the intended glamourous look.

Simply keep the shoes up by placing a loop of double-sided tape around your leg where the top of your boots will sit. Put on the boots, then press the boots into the tape band to keep them secure.

How are thigh-high boots supposed to fit?

Generally, let over the knee boots sit snugly to your legs. Depending on the boot style, fit over the knee boots as tightly as comfortably to your leg. The tight-fitting ensures the boots don’t slip down when walking or dancing.

The trendy thigh-high boots are suitable footwear to wear with shorts or a mini skirt, especially during fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Thigh-high boots that stay up integrate fastening systems such as lace-up, buckles, zip-up, or skin-tight fabric. We hope you love the mentioned products!

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