Best Shoes for Treadmill Walking

Hitting a treadmill every once in a while is a great way to keep moving if the weather outside isn’t ideal for a stroll. And you need the best shoes for treadmill walking to set off on the right foot. 

Treadmills already offer a shock absorbent platform for fast and slow walking. But to maximize your treadmill walking experience, while keeping your joints in proper alignment, you have to pick the right pair of shoes for the exercise.

Sneakers with extra cushioning to the ball of your feet are ideal. Given their grip and stability, and their ability to complement your stride, while ensuring proper fit and comfort, you can expect nothing but the best walking experience with these sneakers.

In the following sections, we’ll look at some of the best sports shoes to use on treadmill. Also, you learn about what to look at to make the right buying decision.

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Best Shoes for Treadmill Walking Reviews

1. Saucony Women’s Kinvara 9 Running Shoes

The ninth edition of the Kinvara sneakers puts Saucony into the limelight yet again.

This time, they’ve trimmed down the size of the forefoot, although that’s hardly noticeable. And with the midfoot and tongue somehow tighter, you get a more comfortable fit unlike with the eighth edition.

The upper looks minimal and fits straight out of the box. There’s a 4mm heel to toe drop, which is good for a neutral stride when walking on the treadmill.

With an overall lightweight design, you can walk on the treadmill for an extended period without feeling fatigued.

Looking closely at the eighth and ninth edition, there aren’t major tweaks on the upper. They both feature a breathable mesh lining that lets cool air in and hot air out to keep your feet cool and dry.

Kinvara 9 running shoes feature a full EVERUN cushioning, which delivers a more responsive fast walk and dampens impact when transitioning from walking to slow jogging to fast running. It also helps to launch every foot from the toe for the next stride.

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These shoes tend to be a little too responsive for walking, although that varies from person to person. You also should look elsewhere if you have wide feet because the Kinvara 9 won’t do.

2. Asics Men’s Gel Venture 6 Running Shoes

Asics Men’s Gel Venture 6 running shoes are not only stable and breathable. They also provide the stability and traction necessary for walking on the treadmill.

The edition includes Asics’s Gel technology, which offers superior comfort and excellent support as you walk.

The pair’s cushioned footbed gives you the illusion of walking on the cloud, so you won’t feel the pressure from the running belt.

If you ever decide to transition from slow walking to swift jogging to running, the Gel cushioning will absorb the impact between your feet and the machine, making the transition process easy.

Asics adds a removable liner in the footbed for maximum feet protection. If you like, you can remove and replace it with custom orthotic for a custom fit.

Asics Gel Venture 6 running shoes run true to size, so you should order the usual size instead of sizing up or down.

3. Brooks Ghost 11

Although Brooks Ghost series is currently in its 20th edition, the 11th version is still worth talking about – mostly because it’s suitable for walking and running on treadmill.

Shoes that offer sufficient support are hard to give a pass, and Brooks Ghost 11 isn’t an exception. Ideally, these are perfect for runners and walkers who need neutral arch support.

At 309 grams a pair, you can walk in Brooks Ghost 11 without worrying about fatigue and even do so for an extended period.

I like how creative Brooks gets with the upper. Not only have they designed it for a soft feel but also for a secure fit. Even the mesh covers the foot well and stays exactly where you need it the most.

The shoes feature the BioMoGo midsole, which in addition to the DNA LOF technology provide a soft platform for your feet to rest with every step you take – without altering the responsiveness of the shoes.

The three-dimensional overlays give your feet the support required in just the right areas without adding unnecessary weight to the shoes.

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The Segmented Crash Pad inclusion gives a smooth ride regardless of where your feet lands on the treadmill, and it does so while maintaining the responsiveness your feet needs to keep going.

4. Ryka Women’s Sky Walk 2 Walking Shoes

Depending on your perception of aesthetic, the Sky 2 Walking Shoes may be a little too bland or fashionable for an outstanding match with your weekend outfit.

But when it comes to feeding the treadmill with some steps from walking and running, comfort is what really matters.

Sky Walk 2’s rubber sole allows you to keep the balance between your feet and the treadmill, while absorbing as much pressure as possible so that you don’t feel fatigued as you walk.

Thanks to the midsole cushioning, every step you take on the treadmill feels normal even when the running belt moves fast. 

Because the sole is flexible, it allows for a smooth heel to toe transition and then back without ankle strains.

The addition of walking strike path technology helps to stabilize the foot, so the chance of slipping off from the treadmill is more than likely low.

Sky Walk 2 walking shoes for treadmill shoes don’t have great arch support. But since their inserts are removable, you can add custom orthotics or insoles that offer decent arch support.

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5. New Balance Men’s 1080 Fresh Foam Running Shoes

New Balance Men’s 1080 Fresh and Foam aren’t just suitable for running. You can also wear them for walking on the treadmill.

This edition’s upper is made of a breathable mesh lining. So if you decide to walk just 100 step or you go the extra mile, your feet will remain cool and dry all the way.

With just a pair of 4 eyelets on the vamp, it takes under 5 minute to lace these up for a personalized, custom fit.

Unfortunately, the eyelets are fragile. The laces may start to cut through them sooner if you pull forcefully to get a snug fit. It would have been better if the top hole were made of plastic. Better pull the laces carefully if you want these shoes to last longer.

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The foam insole gives your feet a cushioned platform to land on, so every step you take, from walking to running and then to walking again, feels smooth and flexible.

With the flexible outsole that enhances an easy heel to toe transition, every step you walk on the treadmill in these shoes feels natural.

The Fresh Foam first appeared in the sixth version of the 1080 edition. And it’s a good thing to see the same in these shoes. Since it handles the most pressure from walking on the treadmill, you get a more neutral stride all the time.

The synthetic sole of New Balance Men’s 1080 Fresh and Foam running shoes have semi thick grooves that hold well on the treadmill.

These give you a more stable and balanced posture on the machine, especially when transitioning from walking to jogging and then to running. 

6. Adidas Women’s Quester Flow Running Shoes

Adidas shoes are some of the most expensive on the shelf. But then again, the brand sometimes gives you more for less, allowing you to get the most out of your walking and running binge.

With the Adidas Women’s Quester Flow, you spend less than $100 and what you get are some of the best running shoes you’d spend a lot on otherwise.

The breathable upper has 3 floating stripes gives you the good look that many running shoes don’t have. And given the maximum weigh that’s under 500 grams a pair, you’re not going to limit yourself to a few minutes of exercising, or are you?

With dual pull-tabs, one behind at the heel and the other on the tongue, these should take only about 30 seconds to wear to a proper fit.

Added to both the outsole and the midsole, the Cloud Foam technology gives you a pillow like feel.

Quester running shoes include a Sock Liner, which manages moisture as you walk on the treadmill, keeping the temperature in the shoes at optimum level.

While they are good for logging hundreds of steps on the treadmill on a daily basis, they don’t have the best arch support. So you may have to get some inserts if you need more than just moderate arch support when walking on the treadmill. 

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