Our Review Process

Our review process explains how we approach the creation of certain types of content on Boots and Pine. Specifically, it focuses on the steps we take to evaluate shoes, boots, and footwear accessories before creating and publishing roundups and product reviews.

First, it’s important to note that Boots and Pine doesn’t receive a compensation from footwear brands for the reviews written and published on this website. Rather, every piece of content that we put out there is based on our hands on testing. Therefore, the writing is our own thoughts, completely independent of the influence of footwear brands.

Boots and Pine Review Process

We publish many articles on Boots and Pine every week. Some of our guides include product recommendations in the footwear niche, which is why we have a systematic review process that we use to produce quality content.

More often than not, you’ll come across the following types of product recommendations on the Boots and Pine blog:

  • ‘Best of’ posts, often known as the roundup articles
  • Versus articles, where we compare one product against another and
  • Individual reviews, where we look at a footwear product in-depth

The review process that we’ve put in place is the recipe we use to make good recommendations, because we want you to get the best value for your money.

Step 1: Testing

It’s impossible to claim a pair of boots, shoes, insoles, and laces are good by just looking at their pictures. Notably, we could scrape brand content and present it as our own, but that would be unethical by any magnitude. So we take a completely different approach to get this done right.

The first step in testing is buying the products, and we do so with our own money. We believe that a review process can’t be good enough without products to test in hand. For what it’s worth, having as many footwear products in hands as possible makes the process easy to execute for quality’s sakes at least.

It’s not in all cases, though, that we buy the products with our own money. To upfront, some of the recommendations on the site will be based on the experiences of people we know and have interacted with. At the end of the day, the goal is to make sure we present high-quality information, and we put all the efforts in doing just that.

Step 2: Research

Testing shoes, boots, and related accessories gives us the firsthand experience necessary to put together some great reviews. But that’s not enough for our case at least. So in addition to the test run, we look beyond what we know, and we research further to learn about other people’s experiences.

Our content team looks at online reviews, talk to local footwear stores, and conduct one-on-one interviews and social talks with people to learn their experiences and perception.

The information we get from research is incredibly valuable, so we end up producing great content for Boots and Pine.

Step 3: Creating the Content

Content creation is the most favorite part of the process for most people in our team. We get to sit down and crank up some great pieces based on our testing and research.

Given that we have the experience and the research materials necessary for the content creation process, we find it easy to write, proofread, and refine content ready for publication.

Our team writes reviews on all verticals, from roundups and comparisons to individual reviews and brand tips. So whatever the kind of footwear review you’re looking for, you will find just that on Boots and Pine.

Our Ultimate Goal With This Process

We care about sharing up to date and honest reviews based on first hand testing and related experiences. The goal is to make sure that the ratings we give for the recommendations we make are fair and accurate.

Through this review process, the content team at Boots and Pine makes accurate judgment about products, something that would have been otherwise possible if we approached the process blindly. From what we know, a review process like this makes it possible to recommend the type of footwear to buy and the brands to give a hard pass.

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