My Uggs Are Hard and Crusty

My Uggs Are Hard and Crusty

My Uggs are hard and crusty! You wonder! Although Uggs boots have grown to be a popular winter footwear choice in recent years, sometimes they can be hard and crusty, making them uncomfortable to wear.

In this post we will discuss why Ugg boots can be hard and crusty and what you can do to soften them. We will also provide some tips on how to care for your Ugg boots to last longer.

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My Uggs Are Hard and Crusty- Here’s Why:

The main reason why Ugg boots can be hard and crusty is that they are made of sheepskin. When the skin of a sheep is processed into leather, it goes through a process called tanning.

This process uses chemicals that can make the leather stiff and hard. In addition, the leather is also dyed during the tanning process, making it more hard and crusty.

Another reason that can explain the hardness and crustiness of ugg boots is because of the way they are made. Ugg boots are made by stitching together two pieces of sheepskin. The stitching process can make the boots stiff and rigid.

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How to Soften Hard and Crusty Uggs

So, now that we know why ugg boots can be hard and crusty, what can we do to soften them? There are a few things you can do:

  • Use a boot buffer. A boot buffer is a tool that you can use to buff the surface of your boots and make them softer.
  • Apply a conditioner or cream. You can apply a conditioner or cream to your boots to help soften them up. Make sure to read the instructions on using it correctly so as not to damage your boots.
  • Use a blow drier: Blow driers produce a substantial amount of heat. The ugg boots are made of sheepskin which can be singed by the heat if not careful. Therefore, you should hold the blow dryer about six inches away from the ugg boots and keep it moving to distribute the heat evenly. You should also use the lowest setting possible to avoid damaging your ugg boots.

Tips to care for your Ugg boots to last longer

1. Always protect your Ugg boots

After wearing a new pair of Uggs, spray specially designed protectors on them so that they are water-resistant. You never know when your boots will be used in wet or muddy conditions, and this way, it’s easy to stay safe.

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2. Avoid wetting your boots

Make sure you avoid walking on deep snow or puddles when wearing your ugg boots because even with the suede protector, it is possible for these activities to leave stains. Never soak them and allow them to dry before storing, as fungal growth may occur if they stay wet longer than 24 hours.

3. Keep pets away

If you own a dog, keep them far from your boots. The fur of the boot might be appealing to them, and they may chew on it if given a chance. It’s good that you place your boots on high-up shelves.

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4. Clean them properly

While it is true that some people have been able to send their Uggs through the dry cleaner, we recommend against doing so. This can cause severe discoloration of your skin and wet patches on the boot, which will take weeks or months before they dry out again.

5. Keep them in shape

To keep your Uggs in pristine condition, be careful when cleaning them. Remember that sheepskin is delicate and will suffer if pressured too much or prolonged on one spot for an extended period. This might lead you to have some misshapen boots.

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6. Avoid exposing your boots to the sun

Boots are often used to keep our feet warm and dry. But there’s one thing you should never do with them – leave their skin exposed to direct sunlight. This could cause damage that will make the colorfastness go away quickly, making those boots fade quickly.

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FAQs- My Uggs Are Hard and Crusty

How Do You Make My Uggs Soft Again?

Gently wet the inside of your Uggs with shampoo, then gently rub it in a circular motion until all sides are nice and slippery. Next, take one side at a time using newspapers or other absorbent material to suck up any excess liquid spilled over while working on each shoe. Once done, brush away residue left behind and then allow them to dry.

How Do You Clean Hard Ugg Boots?

How Do I Soften the outside of My Uggs?

Brush the exterior of your boot from top to bottom with a suede brush. This will soften any nap and loosen dirt for cleaning; if you don’t have this material, don’t bother.

Proceed and moisten one side until it’s fully saturated before switching sides every few minutes while scrubbing away at built-up grime or bacteria that has been accumulating.

Why Are Ugg Boots So Hard to Get On?

Ugg boots are often hard to put on and take some effort. They might seem tight, or the heel won’t give way at first, so you have to push them onto your feet with force until it breaks in enough for easy walking.
Sometimes they’re just too big -or not wide sufficient around your ankles, making them hard to get on.

Even if you don’t have a pair of Uggs, I’m sure you can relate to the struggle of trying to keep something looking new and fresh for as long as possible.

And while there are many ways to combat the hardening and crusting of our favorite items, hopefully, this post has given you some good ideas on how to soften up your Uggs before they get too far gone.

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