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What to Look for Before Buying Jump Rope Shoes

Rope skipping is one of the most effective cardio exercises that you can engage your body to. Its impact depends on the intensity of the workout as well as the techniques you use while jumping.

The shoes you pick for this activity will affect your feet and the rest of your body.

So it is important to pick good shoes to jump rope so you can get the most out of this exercise.

Many people have the tendency to buy shoes just because they look sporty.

Yet that’s not often the best approach when looking for jump rope shoes. 

In this article, we will walk you through things to look for to help you choose the right pair for the exercise. 

Jump rope shoes buyer guide

So what shoes should you buy for the workout?

To help you make the right decision, here are 7 things to consider before spending you money on your next pair of shoes that you can use for rope skipping exercise.

 1. Know Your Foot and Shoe Size

As much as we all have two feet and ten toes, they are different in shape and size.

And unless you know your type of feet very well, it is not going to be easy to find the perfect shoes that you are looking for.

Of course, there is always a good pair that will fit you well regardless of the type of your feet. But you need to understand your feet better so you can choose the shoes wisely.

Rope skippers with flat or neutral feet should consider pairs that offer good support and stability. And if you have high arched feet, look for flexible shoes that have properly cushioned midsole.

Size is an important factor that you can’t afford to ignore when looking for a good pair of shoes that you can use for rope skipping.

If you choose shoes that are too small, chances are you might subject your feet to common injuries related to jump roping. If they are too big, they may make jumping difficult. As such, it is important that you go for what fits.

If you do not know your shoe size yet, you can go to a shoe shop near you and ask for assistance. This will save you a lot of time when purchasing shoes, especially if you plan to buy online.

2. Budget and Comfort

When you want to buy a pair rope jumping shoes, it is allows important to consider the cost at which it comes in with.

Do not drain your wallet while you buy an expensive pair remember, an expensive pair doesn’t guaranteed durability.

So, look for a cheaper pair of shoe but make sure that you assess it very well to ascertain that it is durable.

The best jump rope shoes are the ones that will make you feel comfortable as you exercise in them.

Practicing rope jumps in a pair of shoe that is not comfortable may lead to serious injuries. Discomfort means motivational difficulty.

3. Look for a Pair of Jump Rope Shoe Made Firm Soles and Durable Laces

Shoes made of firm soles tend to align your foot and ankle and control your feet’s range of motion.

Talking of laces, a laced pair of shoe will allow you to tighten the shoes to the desired fit.

Slip-ons pairs will stress you up. A laced pair of shoes will also offer your feet with more support as you jump the rope.

An advice; do not shop for a pair of shoe in the morning because the temperature are usually way to low.

The best time to shop for a pair of shoe is during the afternoon when the sun is overhead because at that time, your feet will have expanded and you will have an accurate measurement of them.

4. Pick Sports Shoe With Flex Grooves/Toe Spring

When you are out shopping for a jump rope shoe, it would be best if you considered buying a pair that supports the groves under the ball of your feet.

To make the long story short, look for a pair that is able to flex the way your feet want.

5. Go With Stable, Flexible, and Lightweight Shoes

Flexibility while jumping is important because it allows you to do so naturally.

You will want a pair that glues to the ground as you jump the rope. Shoes made of rubber will provide you with a stable base as you skip the rope.

Also, shoes made of rubber also reduce wear and tear thus serving you for a very long time.

Jumping rope does not require heavy pairs of shoes so, as you shop for a pair of durable jump rope shoes make sure you consider pairs weight.

6. Do the Shoes Offer Enough Joint Support and Space for Your Toes? 

As a rope skipper, balance lose is a thing you will not want because with it you can really hurt your leg.

This can be avoided by looking for a pair that provides the entire leg this support.

A pair that is so much fit is not best for rope jumping. In most case, rope jumpers who put on excessively fit shoes tend to get their fit hurt or even develop blisters.

Therefore, you will have to get a pair of shoe that gives your toes room enough to move.

7. Are the Jump Rope Shoes Cushioned?

Unlike walking pairs, a rope jumping shoes should have much cushioning on the foot-bed.

Rope jumping shoes in most cases focuses on providing cushioning even under the ball of the feet.

People who love-jumping rope when the outside is cold or rainy should consider purchasing pairs that are waterproof (pairs with waterproof liners) that way they can prevent their feet from getting soaked with water.

Also, look out for pairs with fast drying time and increased breathability

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