How to Wash Ugg Boots in Washing Machine

How to Wash Ugg Boots in Washing Machine Effectively in 6 Steps

You just got a new pair of Ugg boots, and you can’t wait to wear them. Ugg boots are one of the most popular types of winter boots. They are comfortable and keep your feet warm, but what do you do when they get dirty?

Like most people, you probably think of ugg boots as a luxury item that requires special care. They do, but did you know that you can wash your ugg boots in the washing machine? Doing so is relatively easy and can help keep your boots looking good and new for longer. For them to be machine-washable, there are some essential steps you need to take to ensure that your ugg boots stay in good condition.

This post will outline how to wash ugg boots in washing machine correctly. We will also discuss how to prepare them for washing and prevent them from shrinking or becoming damaged.

Read on for more tips.

How to Wash Ugg Boots in Washing Machine

Washing your ugg boots will help you maintain their condition and make them look new again. While it may seem like a daunting task, we’ll show you how to safely and effectively wash your ugg boots so they can look fresh in no time.

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You’ll need to get your hands on some serious cleaning supplies if you want the inside of this Ugg sheepskin clean. You can purchase a vacuum cleaner, laundry net bag, and dry cloth to take care of all those pesky spills while traveling around town or at home in your own space.

For detergent, use only genuine products because they’re specially formulated not just to wash away dirt but also to remove odor. A toothbrush will also come in handy; it’ll help us reach every last inch between seams where even tiny dust might hide.

Below are steps to machine-wash your ugg boots.

1. Clean Inside

The vacuum cleaner is your best friend when cleaning out ugg boots. Reach deep in areas with loose threads near where they meet their edge and then pull hard enough for the dust to be released.

2. Polish the Outsole

To keep your boots looking fresh and new, don’t forget to wash them from time to time. To do this properly, take each boot directly into a basin or sink with water already inside it so that you can rinse off any dirt accumulated outside of these ugg boots like mad.

3. Cleaning the Upper

Wipe down the outside of your boots with a microfiber cloth to clean off any dirt or mud using warm water. You can’t go wrong with a toothbrush. It’s the best way to get those hard-to-reach places and seams on your ugg boots.

4. Rinse

Rinse your ugg boots’ inner and outer parts carefully to wash away the detergent thoroughly.

5. Place in the Washing Machine

Put your pair of ugg boots in the net laundry bag, close it up tight and slot them into a front-loading washer. Don’t try to put your ugg boots on top-loading machines because they’ll get shredded by that pesky agitator.

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Use about three tablespoons of detergent for each set, so there’s no mistake about what does or doesn’t belong- beware: bleach isn’t welcome here either.

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Make sure to set your washing machine on a gentle cycle before starting. Give them one hour and then take them off, letting them dry out thoroughly between each drying step.

6. Apply Protection Spray

Using a spray-on repellent, you can also protect your sheepskin or suede boots from water and stain damage. You’ll need to buy ugg boots, water repellant, or similar at least once for each pair of shoes you wear to ensure they stay clean.

Considerations before Washing Your Ugg Boots in Washing Machine

1. Avoid Dashing

The banging in the washing machine walls can damage your ugg boots when washing and spinning, so to avoid any harm put some towels inside for their protection.

2. Choose a Preferable Detergent

The best way to keep your ugg boots looking new is by using a quality laundry detergent. Some types of cleaners might damage the suede on these boots, so make sure you select safe ones for your ugg boots.

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3. Set Washer

To avoid damage to your precious Ugg boots, try washing them with a delicate cycle.

4. Use Net Bags

Put your ugg boots in a mesh laundry bag, and then put them inside your washing machine. The protection will keep them safe while you start up the wash or automatically when it begins to happen. With this net-covered container, they’ll stay together during all those circular movements without getting damaged.

5. Repeat Wash

If that’s not enough to remove the foam and residue, try a second washing process. Remember to set the delicate mode of cycles even in this repetition process.

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6. Use Dryer

Now you can have dry, warm boots in no time with the help of your boot dryer. Just set it on low heat and let them do all the work without causing shrinkage to your ugg boots.

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7. Use Cleaning Kit

The Ugg cleaner, conditioner, and protector kit keep your ugg boots in pristine condition. The boot renewal kit helps you rejuvenate the life of any pair by polishing them up with a specialized formula for an immediate shine that will last.

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FAQs About How to Wash Ugg Boots in Washing Machine

Can I Wash Ugg Boots in a Washing Machine?

Is it safe to wash Ugg boots in the washing machine? The answer is yes, as long you do so without any hesitation. When jumping into this new idea of cleaning your favorite ugg boot, ensure you are cautious and follow the given tips in washing them in a washing machine.

Can You Put Uggs in the Washer Reddit?

The best way to clean your sheepskins is by putting them on a gentle, dry cycle in the washing machine. If you have no other option and want those pesky stains out ultimately, then try using an old toothbrush or clothes brush with soap attached at one end.

If you are careful and take the proper precautions, washing ugg boots in a washing machine is not as complicated as it might seem. Ensure to keenly consider the tips we mentioned above before starting the process, and always use cold water when possible. With a little bit of caution, your ugg boots can last for years.

Hopefully, this post has helped you understand how to properly care for your ugg boots when washing them in a washing machine.

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