How to Tighten Sperry Duck Boots

How to Tighten Sperry Duck Boots

Boot season is officially in full swing, which means it’s time to break out your favorite pairs of Sperry duck boots. Sperry duck boots are a classic American style that never seems to go out of style.

While they’re a staple for chilly weather styles, sometimes they can feel a little loose and can feel like they’re slipping off your feet.

Here are a few tips on how to tighten Sperry duck boots so you can wear them with confidence all season long.

Standard Methods of Tightening Your Sperry Boots

1. Use Eastland Knots

Make a Loop Using the Lace on Your Boots Left Side

Begin by making a loop with the lace. Make it about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long and pinch between your thumb and index finger so that you don’t lose any strands while tying off. The base of this piece should rest right up against one edge where there’s an eyelet emerging from its center – make sure not to vary too much in length, or else you may have trouble succeeding later on when trying your knots out for size.

At the Base of the Loop, Wrap Your Lace

Then bring the other end of the lace over and under until it’s back where you started. Your lace should now be wrapped around the base side of your loop, holding everything in place.

Continue Wrapping the Lace Upto the Near End of the Loop

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There are a few tricks to making sure your lace covers the entire loop. Make sure you stop about 25 inches (0.64 cm) away from where it meets with an end, and then gently push up on that section before wrapping around again for extra security. The best way is using “wrap-around.” This technique allows you to get right next to each other, so there’s no risk of getting lost or left behind.

Press Your Lace End Into Your Loop End

The lace should be long enough to tie a bow at either end. Start by wrapping the end under and over one side of your loop so that it goes through the center, then pull tight with fingers or another object like a leatherworker’s needle if you have one available- this will make sure there are no gaps. Once done on this side, repeat for other knots using the remaining lengths – don’t forget about bringing these two ends together.

Adjust By Tightening or Loosening

To tighten your boot, scrunch the lace wrapped around its loop down towards your end until it’s fully compacted. To loosen up a tight fit, just pull on this section of string attached at one side so instead only has half wraps around each eyelet. It may seem complicated but once learned, it becomes second nature.

Knots are there to keep the boot on your foot, but they’re not too tight. Just loosen them and then tighten again when you’ve got it right.

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2. Lacing Sperry Duck Boots

Insert the Laces Through those Nifty Little Inside Holes at the bottom of Your Sperry Boot

You want to make sure that both ends of lace go through different holes, so they’re up inside instead of down outside, and then grab one in each hand while pulling steadily until the whole thing comes out even with respect on either side your Sperry boots.

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Place Your Left End on the Next Hole on the Right

To make this technique work, you need to push your lace-up through the inside of each hole rather than down. Once one end is in place and pulled tight with both hands for extra stability so it won’t fall out, slide that side all along until there’s no space left between them—and then pull tight on both ends at once.

Place Your Right End on the Next Hole on the Left

Once you have the end of one lace pulled through, insert it into another hole next to where that first string went. This should form an X shape with both ends crossed over each other in their mirrored forms; now pull on both sides until they meet at whatever point is desired for finishing off your criss-cross lacing pattern.

Repeat the Process

There are a few ways you can vary the fit of your boots. For example, if you want a loose-fitting boot, then stop lacing at the second-to-last hole from the top or simply just lace them all up for a tight-fitting.

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FAQs- How to Tighten Sperry Duck Boots

How Do You Keep Sperry Boots Tight?

Make a loop, making sure the lace is coming across the front. Make another one with your other hand and push it through this first stitch from the backside so that you have an even number of loops on both sides.
Pull tight till everything fits snugly together but not too tight where it’s hard for future wear-and takes away some flexibility. Repeat two times more, then tuck ends inside the final coalition knot at the end.

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Can You Cut Sperry Laces?

If the laces on your shoes are longer than they need to be, it’s easy for them to get caught in cracks or other parts of doors while you walk. Instead, make sure there isn’t any excess material by trimming with scissors and cutting just above where lace meets its eyelets so that when walking only two strings is pulling against each surface.

While we’ve given you a few ways to tighten your Sperry duck boots, the best way is really up to you. As long as they stay on and look good, it’s all that matters. If you’re feeling particularly crafty or have some free time, try Eastland knots or lacing them from back to front for an authentic-looking finish.

We hope these tips will help keep those feet warm during winter as they can help you to either tighten or loosen your Sperry duck boots.

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