How To Spot Fake Hunter Boots

How To Spot Fake Hunter Boots in 5 Easy Ways

Hunter boots are a popular line of rain boots that have been around since the 1930s. They’re also one of the most counterfeited brands on the market. It can be challenging to tell if your hunter boots are authentic or not. If you want to buy a pair of genuine Hunter boots, here is an easy guide on how to spot fake Hunter boots and avoid getting ripped off!

You might think that you could never get tricked by a fake pair of hunter boots, but they can be tough to spot! Don’t let yourself fall victim to an inferior product. You deserve better. Authenticity isn’t always easy to spot, though. Fake hunter boots are all over the market.

They might look like they are made of real leather on the outside, but what about on the inside? The best way to buy genuine hunter boots is to go through the company’s website or store, so you know for sure what you’re getting.

 Here are some ways that you can identify fake hunter boots before purchasing them!

How To Spot Fake Hunter Boots

We all want to be able to identify how real our hunter boots look. Fake Hunter boots can sometimes even fool the most seasoned eye, but there are several ways you can spot a fake without having them in hand.

1. Check on the Quality of the Boot

Check how well the boots are made and how they fit. By looking at them carefully, you can tell a lot about how real a pair of Hunter Boots is. If you see any loose seams, holes, or glue marks, this indicates that these might not be authentic hunter boots.

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The best way to buy genuine Hunter boots online is from their store instead of through another seller because it will ensure authenticity! This also ensures that your purchase will last longer than if you get fake ones elsewhere.

If the stitching looks like it’s falling apart, then this isn’t how they should look when new! Hunters are made with high-quality materials and shouldn’t fall apart after only wearing them once or twice for short amounts of time.

2. The Insoles/Outsoles

Some fake Hunter boots come with cheap insoles and outsoles. Some fake Hunter boots have very thin insoles that are just glued on top of the actual sole. This is how they can sell them so cheaply! If you can easily peel off the insole or only see a small rubber heel, this isn’t how your hunter boots should act. 

They should have a thick rubber sole to them, and they shouldn’t easily peel off or stick together when you try to take them apart! These are that your hunter boots aren’t the real deal.

If your boots feel like there’s not much support inside them or if it feels like something other than rubber at the bottom, this could mean that these might just be fakes! The only way you can tell for sure is by doing an online search for how Hunter’s original soles look and comparing them with what yours looks like.

3. Look at how the Logo Looks

Hunter has a logo on their boots. The company’s name should always look consistent, whether written in all capital letters or not! If there are typos, then this might indicate that they aren’t authentic Hunter Boots. 

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The logo at the bottom of genuine Hunter boots should have a certain look to how it appears. If you think that your hunter’s logo might be fake, compare how yours looks with an image online or ask someone who knows what authentic ones are supposed to look like!

This symbol is how people know that they’re buying official products from this company because there are so many boot knockoffs out there! It has been around for decades and was used as part of their first advertising campaigns in England during World War II.

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4. The Boots Color Colors And Styles

Hunter boots come in a variety of colors and styles, but how they look should remain consistent. Fake hunter boots usually have slightly different coloring from how the company’s real products are supposed to appear!

Genuine Hunter Boots use natural dyes when making their product to be as eco-friendly as possible. The color variations you see on original sets are because these aren’t made with synthetic materials or chemicals!

If your purchase comes in looking completely different than how it was presented when you ordered, then this could indicate that there might be something wrong here even though they safely.

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5. Weight and Texture

The weight and how it feels in your hands is how you can tell if a person’s hunter boots are real or not. The feel of the material should be consistent, too!

Fake Hunter Boots look like they were made out of cheap materials because their logos appear on them. They also may weigh less than what authentic sets do when new!

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Real hunters might seem heavy at first, but that’s only because these are all-natural latex boots that aren’t filled with chemicals or other synthetic materials to make them lighter for people who don’t want something so heavy on their feet…unfortunately (haha).

If anything seems off about how yours looks, smells or tastes, then there might be something wrong.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Hunter boots run big or small?

Hunter boots are considered to be true-to-size. They can run slightly larger or smaller, but they shouldn’t be much different from how they were when you bought them new!
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Are Hunter boots guaranteed for life?

Yes! If you buy your boots from an authorized Hunter dealer, they are guaranteed to last through any weather condition with how well-made these products are.

Can I return my Hunter Boot purchase after buying online?

If you bought your pair from an authorized dealer, then yes, but make sure that you do this within 30 days after purchasing them because that’s how long most companies give people if anything goes wrong. You should contact them directly.

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To recap how to spot fake Hunter boots, look at how the logo looks, how the colors and styles appear, how heavy or light they are, and how their material feels.

Compare this with images online of what authentic sets should be like!

Good luck on your quest for finding out if yours are real-deal ones or not…but hey, you could always try wearing them in a puddle because sometimes that’s just how things go around here, hahaha!!

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