How to Soften Work Boots

How to Soften Work Boots in 5 Ways

Work boots are a necessary evil for many jobs, and a comfortable pair of boots can make a world of difference when it comes to your feet. But sometimes, they can be too stiff for your liking. Thankfully, there are several ways of how to soften work boots, so you don’t have to suffer for comfort!

You work hard for your money, and you deserve to be comfortable. One of the most uncomfortable things that people put up with is how stiff their work boots are. Work boots can sometimes feel uncomfortably stiff and can be downright painful. As a result, many people walk around on their feet all day with soreness that will not go away. If you have the same problem at work or just want to soften up your favorite pair of boots, there are multiple ways to do this for leather and fabric styles. Below is how you can quickly soften them up!

Why it’s Important to Soften your Work Boots

Work boots or not, everyone deserves to have a comfortable boot at the end of the day. If you are working in a very stiff work boot, it can really impact your day-to-day life in several ways.

Here are just some of the reasons why it’s imperative to soften up your work boots!

  • The top reason is comfort.
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Everyone has heard stories about how their friend cannot stand wearing work boots because they are so uncomfortable. Sometimes, this discomfort will make them irritable and angry, which only adds to their stress levels at work or outside!

  • Another big problem associated with stiff boots is blisters.

If you are trying to get through the day but have pain on your feet, you might develop sores or even blisters from wearing these bad boys. This is obviously not only painful but could potentially lead to infections or other problems!

  • The last and possibly most important reason is overall feet health.

Obviously, we cannot discount the importance of overall feet health as it can easily affect all aspects of our lives. Not being able to walk around comfortably will certainly erupt into major issues down the road.

How to Soften Work Boots – Leather and Fabric Options

There are many different ways on how to soften work boots, depending on what they’re made out of and the type of material they’re made from.

This article will go over some of the best and quickest options for both leather and fabric work boots.

1. Use a Boot Stretcher

One of the easiest and quickest methods for softening work boots is using a boot stretcher. Boot stretchers will slowly stretch out your boots after you’ve worn them, which will make a world of difference when it comes to comfort!

You can try this method with leather or fabric style boots – but understand that not all stretchers are made equal! If you have a pair of leather work boots, find one specifically designed for them.

The fabric version may be slightly less reliable, so test before you buy if possible!

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2. Apply Leather Conditioner

Another quick and easy way is by applying leather conditioners or other products. Leather conditioners will not only soften your boots but will also help to maintain them over a long period.

The nice thing about this method is that you can use it on all types of leather work boots, even those treated with sealants.

It’s best to look for a product with natural ingredients as they are less likely to cause damage or allergies!

3. Put your Boots in the Freezer

Okay, so putting your boots in the freezer might sound strange – but it’s actually one of the most effective ways of softening work boots!

Putting your pain-in-the-back boots in the freezer will make them nice and flexible without destroying them or causing damage.

You can leave your boots in there for about two hours before taking them back out. The only thing you should do after is wear socks when you use your work boots to avoid getting frostbite!

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4. Use Heat to Soften your Boots

You can also use heat to soften your work boots. Using a hairdryer will accomplish this with ease, and it’s the best bet if you want to keep your boots intact!

The nice thing about this method is that you can use it on all types of leather and fabric work boots.

Just make sure not to hold the hairdryer too close as you might melt or damage them!

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5. Walk Around the House to Break Them

Last but not least, you can also soften them by simply wearing them!

This may sound a little strange, but it’s an effective way to make sure that they soften naturally around your feet. Just take a walk around the house or apartment until they start molding to your body.

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No, seriously – just put on your boots and start walking around. This works best if the boots are new, so they should start to mold to your feet in a short amount of time!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for leather work boots to break in?

Leather boots can take up to a few weeks before they start flexing and molding to your feet properly. It really depends on the quality and thickness of the material. You’ll know if they fit correctly when they no longer cause any pain or discomfort.

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Do fabric work boots have to be broken in?

Fabric work boots need to be broken in just like leather ones do! The nice thing about fabric is that it’s a lot more flexible and will mold quickly. If you choose to apply shoe cream on top of wearing them around, the process will go even faster!

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How often should I use boot stretchers on my boots?

Boot stretchers should be used regularly for optimal results. Although they can last forever if taken care of properly, leaving stretched-out work boots over time will make them lose their shape and form!

Try stretching your boots a few times a month to keep them in perfect condition.

Hopefully, these methods will help you on How to soften work boots and relieve some pain from your feet! 

Some methods may be more effective than others, but all of them should help to some degree.

It’s best to try out different methods until you find the one that works best for your needs!

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