How To Restore Cracked Leather Boots

How to Restore Cracked Leather Boots In Easy Steps

Cracked and peeling leather boots may seem like a lost cause. But it’s not! If you have a pair of leather boots that have cracked, don’t throw them out just yet!

There are several ways you can repair leather boots and bring them back to life. Follow this blog post to learn how to restore cracked leather boots and get them looking great once again.

The best thing about leather boots is that they never go out of style. A pair of leather boots can be worn for years and still look great, but cracks may appear on the surface if you don’t take care of them properly.

This is not only unsightly but also ruins the originality of your boots.

Fortunately, restoring leather boots is a relatively simple process, as long as you have the right supplies. There are two main ways to restore cracked leather boots: using a commercial or homemade product.

What Causes Cracking in Leather Boots?

Before we go into how to restore cracked leather boots, let’s first answer the question, “Why are your leather shoes cracking ?”

These three unfavorable elements are to blame:

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Leather Dryness

If you have dry skin, you’re definitely aware that not applying moisturizer may leave your skin looking barky. Leather is no different as it was once the skin of a living animal and no longer enjoys its body’s natural oils.

So, if you don’t use a leather conditioner regularly, the leather fibers stiffen, start scraping each other and cause ugly patches on the leather’s surface.

Natural Porosity And Dirt

Leather’s intrinsic porosity is another factor that contributes to cracking. Like any other animal skin, leather has a porous structure that can trap flecks of dirt particles.

These particles will eventually tear up your leather boot’s thread, causing fractures.

Direct Sunshine

Sunlight’s UV rays can also cause damage to leather shoes. You can avoid this by using a UV protection leather conditioner.

However, if you have failed at avoiding the above, here is how to stop leather boots from cracking!

Stop shoes from creasing when walking

How To Restore Cracked Leather Boots

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to remove these unsightly cracks on your leather boots. However, the procedures used may differ depending on the extent of the damage.

Restoring Small Cracks in Leather Boots

If there are no big cracks, It doesn’t take much for minor scratches on your leather boots to fade away. You only need a leather conditioner, shoe cream, and a piece of cloth.

  1. Clean the surface of your leather boot with a piece of cloth and little soap
  2. Use a premium leather conditioner to moisturize the scratched area. Depending on the extent of the cracks, apply pressure and smoothen the scratched areas with your fingers. Then, rub out any extra material and allow it to dry overnight.
  3. The magical results will be seen once the leather has completely absorbed the substance. If not, repeat the procedure. But, be sure to remove any extra oil each time as too much grease will destroy your boots.
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Note: If your boots are long, fill them with newspaper while the leather conditioner dries to avoid losing shape.

Indicators that your shoes are too big

Restoring Deep Cracks in Leather Boots

When fixing deep cracks, a leather conditioner won’t do the trick! You need a stronger alternative like mink oil, leather repair fillers, and saddle soap.

Here are two low-cost methods for restoring deep cracks in leather boots:

Option 1: Applying Mink Oil and Shoe Cream

This is one of the most straightforward techniques for removing deep leather cracks:

  1. Start by cleaning your boots with saddle soap, especially if your leather boots are dry
  2. Stuff your boots with rags or newspapers to keep them in place and allow you to see the cracks.
  3. Apply mink oil to restore its moisture. Then rub the boots until the cracks are no longer visible. Give it time to dry.
  4. After that, apply some shoe cream to fill any remaining gaps and give your boot a more uniform color.
  5. Lastly, buff the boots with a clean rag, and that’s it.

Option 2: Using Cracked Leather repair kit 

With this option, you will need to purchase a leather repair kit from your nearest shoe store. These kits usually have the following items.

  • Sandpaper
  • Leather Filler
  • Saddle Soap
  • Leather Dye
  • Leather Sealer
  • Apply saddle soap to clean the deep cracks and let them dry
  • Smoothen the cracks using low-grit sandpaper.
  • Apply a liberal amount of filler compound into the cracks. Continue until all cracks are well stuffed.
  • Let the filler dry, then repeat step three until you are happy with the results.
  • Before dying, sand the surface to ensure it is flat. For the best results, you will need at atleast four coatings.
  • Finish by spraying some leather sealant to prevent the dye from fading and make your leather boots shine.
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NOTE: you can check out this leather repair kit on Amazon:

Superior Leather and Vinyl Repair and Restoration Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Olive Oil Safe to Use on Leather Boots?

To keep leather boots moisturized and avoid cracking, you can apply olive oil on them. However, Olive oil isn’t the best option for repairing your boots as it’s too oily and makes spreading a layer of shoe polish difficult.

2. What causes cracking in leather?

Leather can break if it is exposed to extreme heat or light. Lack of moisture is another reason why leather cracks; therefore, applying a leather conditioner regularly will keep your leather boots in good shape.

3. Can One Restore Dry, Cracked Leather?

Luckily, cracked and worn leather boots can typically be fixed.  You can hire professionals to repair your boots or fix them at home with the above methods.

If you want to preserve your boots in good condition, you need to be aware of the many types of boot cracks. If you keep your boots in good condition, you won’t have to worry about how to restore cracked leather boots.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, but if you do end up with cracked boots, this article will aid you in restoring them to new condition!

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