How to Remove Odor from Leather Boots

How to Remove Odor from Leather Boots in 4 Easy Ways

Leather boots are great because they keep your feet warm and dry. But even the best leather boots will start to smell bad after a while. The question is, how do you get rid of that nasty odor? This article will teach you how to remove odor from leather boots and prevent bad smells in the future.

Leather boots are a classic. They’re versatile and go with just about everything, from skirts to jeans. You can wear them in the summer or the winter. You can even wear them when it’s raining. However, leather boots have one major drawback – Odor.

Let’s be honest, the feeling of wearing a nice new pair of leather boots is incomparable. The problem with leather is that it can be hard to maintain. Dirt and grime love to embed themselves into the leather pores, which will ultimately give your boots a disgusting odor.

This can be frustrating and embarrassing, especially if you want to wear them in public or when meeting someone new. Here are some tips on how to get rid of this stinky problem so you can enjoy your favorite boots in any situation without worrying about how they’ll smell.

What Causes Bad-Smelling Boots?

To better avoid stinky boots, it’s helpful to understand where the odor is coming from and why it’s there.

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Warmth and humidity are the most likely culprits when it comes to boot odor. Even though sweat has no odor, it provides an ideal growing environment for bacteria.

This bacterial proliferation is what’s causing the obnoxious odor. The majority of dead skin on your legs is between your toes and on the sole.

When the bacteria mature, they feed on the dead skin, resulting in the emission of a strong cheesy sulfuric odor.

Other factors contributing to the unpleasant odor include wearing boots that trap moisture and do not breathe.

The bulk of leather boots have a thick inner lining and padded insoles. Though these things keep your feet comfy and warm in the winter, they may cause your feet to sweat when they heat up. 

Your feet have a lot of sweat glands. When sweat becomes trapped in the pores of the toes and feet, it produces a foul odor over time.

Waterproof boots are another cause of smelly boots. It’s simple if your boots are waterproof, it means they don’t allow water or moisture to get in. that means if they can’t get in, they can’t get out either.

In other words, waterproof boots will also prevent sweat from evaporating, leading to a foul odor.

How to Remove Odor From Leather Boots

If you notice an odor coming from your boots, there are several things you can do to neutralize and disinfect them.

You might prefer to start with the DIY approaches because you already have those goods at home.

1.  Making use of Vinegar and Water

Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar, water, acetic acid, and tea tree oil. If you can’t get tea tree oil, you can work with vinegar and water instead. Avoid using apple cider vinegar since it might change the leather color to dark brown.  

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Spray the solution on a dry, clean rag. Avoid excessive soaking. Avoid using a colored rag. The color may transfer to the leather shoes, discoloring them.

Clean the interiors of your leather boots with a wet cloth. Use the rag to wash all the inner parts of the boots. Clean the inner soles and the tip of your toe box, plus the sides and heel.

After cleaning, let the vinegar settle; it will start evaporating after a few minutes, carrying the bacteria and leaving your boots smelling fresh.

2.  Using Black Teabags to Disinfect

Black tea is another smelly boots remedy. It contains tannins, which will assist in killing the bacteria that accumulates in your boots. Plus, it will aid in eliminating the smell.

Place the teabag in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. Remove the tea bags and allow them to cool down.

Insert the tea bags in your boot and let them sit for roughly an hour. This is a natural boot/shoe deodorizer.

After you’ve removed it, wipe away any surplus liquid that has accumulated on the shoe. The teabags will work their magic and be sure there will be no more bad smell.

Cleaning Bearpaw boots

3. Freezing your Boots

Freezing your boots to kill odor is another DIY solution for smelly boots.

Put the stinky boots in a sealable bag and put them inside the freezer for a few hours. This may come across as a little odd, but it is a very effective approach.

The odor-causing bacteria that causes your boots to stink won’t be able to survive the low temperature. This should be sufficient enough to eliminate the odor.

4. Use a Disinfectant Spray to Get Rid of the Odor

Commercial disinfectant is one of the best ways of how to get rid of the smell in football boots. You can easily get them at any local store in your area or online.

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Check out the labels and make sure they are okay to use on leather boots lest you damage your boot.

Spray the insides of the boots with the spray. Flip the boots and aim the nozzle toward the toe tip of each boot.

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Make sure the spray covers all inner surfaces. Let the boots rest and absorb the disinfectant, and in a few hours, all the smell will be gone.

Frequently Asked Questions: What Causes Bad-Smelling Boots?

1. Does baking soda remove shoe odor?

Baking soda is one of the best methods for removing the odor from your boots overnight! On the other hand, baking soda acts as a natural deodorizer, neutralizing and absorbing the unpleasant stench inside the boots.

2. What gives my shoes a bad odor after they’ve been washed?

Even after cleaning, your shoes may still have an unpleasant odor if they weren’t dried correctly.

3. What is a good home remedy for removing boot odor?

To eliminate the smell, mix equal parts vinegar and water. Allow your shoes to dry after spraying them with the solution. The vinegar will remove the stink and leave your shoes smelling great for hours.

There you have it! Above are some of the most effective methods of how to remove odor from leather boots.

Cleaning your shoes is inexpensive because most things are already in your home, and it is simple to accomplish.

And if one technique doesn’t work for you, try another; there are so many to pick from that you’ll find one that works for you in no time.

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