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How to Keep Shoes from Creasing When Walking

Today you’ll learn how to keep shoes from creasing when walking.

I’ll give you some really simple tips and tricks that I’ve tested and proven to work, so you can use them to prevent creases on sneakers and leather dress shoes with every step you take.

My goal with this guide is to cover three things: 

  • What causes shoes to crease
  • How you can walk without creasing your shoes
  • And how to manage already existing creases on your shoes 

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

What Causes Walking Shoes to Crease

The concept behind shoes creasing is relatively simple to understand.

The front part of your feet often acts as a pivot when you walk. This is necessary as it gives you the stability and flexibility you need to walk better.

But the bending brings with it something that you have no control over.

And that’s the creasing of your footwear.

The creasing of shoes is something you can’t prevent. But, at least, you can control how fast shoes crease by knowing what accelerates the creases and learning how to fix them.

Below are reasons why your shoes are likely to crease worst than they should:

1. You Wear Shoes that Don’t Fit

I’m somewhat meticulous when it comes to choosing professional leather shoes and sneakers for everyday use.

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That’s because I’m not the type of person that trades comfort for looks or proper fitting a lower price point.

If a pair of shoes is too big or too small, they just don’t hold up for me. 

And they shouldn’t be suitable for you either.

In fact, wearing oversized shoes can cause your hoes to crease badly and eventually lose their aesthetic touch and value.

More often than not, loose fitting shoes create an unnecessary space between your feet and its parts, thus encouraging more creasing.

So when buying a new pair of shoes, use a shoe sizing guide to make sure you’re getting what will fit well straight out of the box.

2. You Wear the Same Shoes Repeatedly 

I may not be your immediate friend.

But my guess is that you have a pair of sneakers or leather dress shoes that you love so much that you’d wear them for everyday walks.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The problem is…

The shoes are likely to crease a lot faster when you walk in them every single day than they would if you alternated them with another pair.

Again, wearing the same shoes repeatedly doesn’t create a room for proper maintenance.

And you may have to replace walking shoes sooner than you actually should.

It’s good to have three or more pairs of walking shoes that you can alternate throughout the week. This will give each pair a break and minimize the chances of creasing.

3. You Walk on Your Toes Frequently

There are reasons why it’s a bad idea to walk on your toes. And the one I can think of in this context is that it can ruin the quality of your shoes fast.

Each time you walk on your toes, you expert body pressure to the front part of your feet, forcing the shoes to bend and crease even further.

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So walk correctly all the time. Make sure your heels hit the ground first before the rest of the foot.

How to Keep Shoes from Creasing When Walking

As much creases in shoes are inevitable, there are things you can do to stop shoes from creasing when walking.

You should:

1. Wear Walking Shoes That Run True to Size

I don’t care how much you adore a particular pair of shoes or if it comes from your favorite brand.

If it’s not your fit, don’t buy it.

Walk in shoes that run true to size. That means they shouldn’t be too loose or too right.

With the right pair of shoes, you can walk comfortably, even for long hours, without having to worry about creases.

2. Use Waterproofing Products to Keep Leather Shoes from Creasing

The only best way to protect leather and suede shoes and boots from creasing when walking is to waterproof them.

For this, you can use the Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof Waterproofing, which adds a thin layer of water repellency to the footwear without running the texture.

The purpose of a waterproofing product such as the Nikwax is to keep your shoes from absorbing moisture and splashes when waking.

Once you apply the product on the leather or synthetic, you can walk comfortably in wet and moist environment without creasing your shoes.

3. Wear Double Socks to Prevent Shoes from Creasing

This is one of the easiest and simplest ways of preventing your favorite shoes from creasing when walking.

Double socks acts as a crease protector by reducing the space between the foot and the shoe.

They make your feet to fit well and also keep the shoe stretched to its original shape.

4. Try Sneaker Shields

Sneaker shields will keep your shoes crease-free without compromising your comfort.

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And you’ll love them because they’re easy to use.

Remove the insoles and insert the sneaker shields for a perfect fit. Put the insoles back in and wear the shoes.

What sneaker shields, such as Force Field Create Protectors, do is that they create a flat and firm support on the surface of your shoes so that they cause resistance against bend when walking.

5. Walk Properly

Most of us are used to first stepping on the ground with our toes then lifting the heel to take the next step.

This may seem so comfortable, and it is. However, it’s one of the day-to-day mistakes, which cause shoes to crease.

To avoid all this, walk in such a way that your heels hit the ground first. It may be a struggle at the beginning but you will get used to it with time anyway.

6. Tighten Your Walking Shoes’ Laces

Tightening your laces is a fast and easy way of preventing your pair of shoes from creasing as you walk.

Again, when you pull the lacing tight and complete the knot, your shoe will fit well and feel comfortable on your feet.

Final Thoughts on Keeping Shoes from Creasing

The shoes you own require tender care.

And although you can’t prevent your pair from creasing completely, you can at least maintain its decent look so it doesn’t look worn out too soon.

I strongly recommend you to follow the guidelines guide that we’ve provided above on how to keep shoes from creasing when walking

Additional tips include:

  • Using a shoe tree when storing your shoes
  • Alternating your shoes from time to time
  • Using shoe horns when wearing your walking sneakers or dress shoes to protect against back creasing

Also, don’t forget to pack your shoes properly before traveling. This will make sure they’re crease free even when they’re not in use.

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