How To Keep Boots From Slouching In Closet

How To Keep Boots From Slouching In Closet in 5 Easy Ways

Thigh-high or knee-high boots are a must-have for every eclectic collection! They’re perfect for keeping your legs cozy during the cooler months without losing style. The only issue with owning this stylish footwear is ensuring that it is properly stored. This blog post will give you some tips on how to keep boots from slouching in closet or on your feet.

Above-the-knee boots are among the most adaptable and stylish boot shapes available on the market. While they were formerly only worn in the winter months, they have now become fashionable to wear in all seasons and can dress up any outfit.

As elegant as they are, having to pull them up every few minutes to keep them from slouching might be inconvenient (unless that’s the appearance you’re aiming for, of course). After all, most pairs don’t provide a second-skin fit, especially for persons with smaller calves.

Here are some tips on how to keep your boots from slouching in the closet.

How To Keep Boots From Slouching In Closet

1.  Binder Clips and Flip Flops

This is one of the best ways to store boots in a small closet – use flip-flops to keep your boots upright while in your closet. Just insert one in each boot, and your boots will stay upright for the period they are in your closet. 

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Even though they don’t keep the boot shape because they are not round, they still do a good job keeping them upright.

If you don’t have any floor storing space, you can opt to use a binder clip to hang your boots. Attach a binder clip or two to the tip of your boots to hold them together. This prevents them from slouching and flipping over.

You can also use binding clips to hang your boots, especially if you have strong binder clips. It’s a straightforward, space-saving option.

You can quickly get these strong binder clips on Amazon.

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2.  Magazines and Newspapers

Magazines and Newspapers are some of those items that you feel bad tossing away even though you know you will not use them again.

So, if you have a stack, why not utilize them to organize your shoe collection? Simply roll them up and slip one into each boot.

For super tall boots, newspapers will work best as it is longer. If you don’t have any newspapers or magazines, you can check out the stands outside your local supermarket.

Plus, most towns have at least one or two free publications you can pick. If not, you can always go for the junk mail!

Using magazines and newspapers is undoubtedly one of the cheapest yet effective ways to keep your boots in shape.

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3.  Try Using Boot Racks

If you want something a little more permanent in your closet, a boot rack can be a good option.

Displaying your stunning boots in exquisite wood-and-metal pieces is a superb way of making your space look like a fashionista’s dream.

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Some racks are made of simple rods, whilst others are made with the boot shape in mind. It is advisable that you go for boot racks that work on both the boot shape and width. But be careful not to overstretch the leather. 

Boot racks are available in a variety of styles. However, you’ll have to look harder to get one that accommodates thigh-high boots.

One popular model for long boots includes poles that allow you to store your boots upside down. This prevents thigh-highs from sagging, saves them from getting smashed, and keeps them dry!

These racks are sold in sets of two to four pairs.

Check them out on Amazon:

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4. Form Shaping Boot Inserts

Form shaping boot inserts are recommended for people who prefer a more low-key look. Unlike the boot clips, these inserts come in pairs and are less noticeable than some of the other alternatives.

They are available in curved plastic pieces or as adjustable tree shapers.

Curved plastic choices provide less strain on the shoe material, allowing it to respond to the opening shape of the shoe more fluidly.

Amazon is packed with different types of boot shaping inserts.

Here is one that you might like:

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5. Foldable Shoe Clips

Foldable shoe clips are simple yet effective boot inserts for keeping your boots upright. These foldable boot clips are made out of solid plastic that is also light enough to travel with.

The boot clips can be bent up to 180 degrees, making them suitable for adjusting the boot shape and width.

A single boot clip can hold together a pair of boots. This reduces the amount of space required for storage while still keeping your knee-high boots in good shape.

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You can easily hang your boots inside your closet, thanks to these beautiful heart-shaped clips.

The clips come in sets of five but in different colors. You can check them out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Keep Your Leather Boots For a Long Time

Humidity and creasing are the two worst enemies of leather boots. So, to store them for a long time, please make sure the boots have something to help retain their shape and keep them as cool as possible. 

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A temperature-controlled area would be the greatest solution. So getting a space for them in a closet or the floor with adequate airflow is the best option.

2. How Do You Store Leather Boots In Humid Weather?

They should be stored in an airtight container in a dry environment. Make sure they are totally dry before storing them, and try keeping them upside down to minimize dampness.

Another option is to wrap something, such as silica packets, around the boots to absorb moisture.

The most critical aspect of how to keep your boots from slouching in the closet is keeping them in shape and dry. This is particularly true with leather boots. As long as they have enough space to stand erect, you can place them on the floor or a shelf.

Another fantastic option is to hang them if you have enough closet space or use a rack if it’s long enough.  With all of this knowledge, you can continue to flaunt your beautiful thigh-high boots for as long as you want!

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