how to get creases out of shoes with hair dryer

Getting rid of creases in shoes can be a tricky task, but with the right tools and technique, it is possible to get rid of them with ease! One of the most effective ways to get rid of creases in shoes is to use a hair dryer. With some patience and careful technique, you can make your shoes look like new again. In this article, we will discuss how to get creases out of shoes with a hair dryer.1. Start by wearing a pair of thick socks and sliding your feet into the shoes.
2. Set your hair dryer to low heat and hold it several inches away from the creased area.
3. Move the hair dryer back and forth in a slow, circular motion over the crease for about 30 seconds.
4. Remove your foot from the shoe and use a cloth or towel to smooth out any remaining creases while the leather is still warm and pliable.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each creased area of the shoe and then allow them to cool completely before wearing them again.

Preparing the Shoes for Using the Hair Dryer

When using a hair dryer to dry shoes, it is important to prepare them correctly. The first step is to remove any excess dirt and debris from the surface of the shoes. This can be done using a damp cloth or brush. Once the surface of the shoes is clean, it is important to ensure that all laces and straps are properly secured. It is also advisable to remove any loose threads or fabric from the shoes before drying them with a hair dryer.

The next step is to ensure that the hair dryer setting is on low heat. This will prevent any damage being done to the shoes due to excessive heat. It is also important to keep the nozzle of the hair dryer at least 6 inches away from the surface of the shoe, as this can cause heat damage if too close. As well as this, it is important not to leave the hair dryer in one spot for too long, as this can cause discoloration and damage to certain areas of the shoe.

Once these steps have been completed, it is then safe to start drying your shoes with a hair dryer. It is important not to over-dry them, as this can cause cracking and splitting in certain areas of leather and fabric shoes. If possible, try to avoid direct heat when drying your shoes, as this can also cause damage over time. Once dried, it is advisable not to wear your wet shoes until they are completely dry as this can lead to discomfort and foot odor due to trapped moisture inside your footwear.

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Setting Up the Hair Dryer for De-Creasing Shoes

De-creasing shoes can be done at home with minimal equipment. One of the most common tools used for de-creasing shoes is a hair dryer. Setting up the hair dryer properly is an important step in making sure that your shoes look their best.

The first step is to make sure that the hair dryer is set to the lowest heat setting. This will ensure that your shoes won’t be damaged by too much heat. You should also make sure that the fan speed is set to low, as this will reduce the amount of heat directed at your shoes.

Once you have set the temperature and fan speed, you can begin de-creasing your shoes. Start by aiming the nozzle of the hair dryer at one area of the shoe and slowly move it over the entire surface of each shoe in a circular motion. Be sure to keep your hand moving so that no area gets too hot or stays in one place for too long.

When you have finished de-creasing both shoes, turn off the hair dryer and allow them time to cool down before wearing them again. You may also want to use a cloth or brush to buff away any remaining creases from your shoes. This will help them look their best and keep them looking new for longer.

With a bit of patience and practice, you can easily de-crease your own shoes with a hair dryer. Setting up the hair dryer properly and following these simple steps will help ensure that you get great results every time!

Applying Heat to the Shoes with a Hair Dryer

Applying heat to your shoes with a hair dryer can be a great way to make them look better. It can also help with stretching the material and making them more comfortable. Using a hair dryer is an easy and effective way to spruce up your shoes.

The first step is to make sure you have the right type of hair dryer. You’ll want one that has at least two settings, one for low and one for high heat. This will allow you to adjust the temperature depending on the material of your shoes.

The next step is to put on a pair of socks before applying the heat. This will help protect your skin from getting too hot while you’re drying your shoes.

Now it’s time to start drying your shoes! Start by pointing the hair dryer at the toe area of your shoe and slowly work your way up towards the heel. Make sure you move around in circular motions so that all areas of the shoe get exposed to heat evenly. Keep an eye on the temperature setting as you don’t want it to be too hot or it could damage your shoes!

Once you’ve heated up all areas of the shoe, check if they’ve stretched enough or if they still need more time under heat. If they need more time, keep repeating this process until they reach the desired shape and size. Once you’re done, take off any excess heat with a cool cloth or towel before wearing them.

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Using a hairdryer is an easy and effective way to stretch out your shoes and make them look better in no time! Make sure you follow these steps carefully so that you don’t end up damaging your shoes in any way!

Drying the Shoes with a Hair Dryer

When your shoes are wet, drying them with a hair dryer is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get them back to their original shape. This method is especially useful for shoes made of delicate materials such as leather or suede, as it will prevent them from shrinking or becoming misshapen. To use this method, first make sure that the shoes are completely clean and free from dirt and debris. Then place them in a warm, dry place.

Next, set your hairdryer to its lowest setting and slowly move it over the surface of the shoes until they are completely dry. Make sure you don’t hold the hairdryer too close to the material as this can damage it. Be sure to keep moving it around so that no one area gets too hot. When you’re finished, allow your shoes some time to cool before wearing them again.

Drying your shoes with a hairdryer is an effective way to get them back into shape in no time at all. It’s important to be careful when using a hairdryer on delicate materials so that you don’t damage them in any way. Once you’re finished drying your shoes, allow them some time to cool before wearing again for maximum comfort and protection.

Stretching the Leather While It Is Still Warm

Stretching leather while it is still warm is an important step to ensure that the leather is properly conditioned and prepared for use. This process helps to soften and relax the fibers of the leather, allowing it to be more pliable and resistant to wear and tear. It also helps to keep the leather looking smooth and wrinkle-free, as well as helping to better protect it from damage. To stretch the leather, begin by warming it up with a hair dryer or heat gun. Make sure not to get too close or you may damage the material. Once the leather is warm enough, use your hands or a stretching tool to slowly but firmly stretch out any wrinkles or tight spots. Work slowly and carefully, making sure not to overstretch any areas as this can cause tears and rips in the material. When you are done stretching, allow the leather to cool before using it for its intended purpose.

Finishing Touches After De-Creasing Shoes with a Hair Dryer

Once you have de-creased your shoes with a hair dryer, there are still a few finishing touches that can help to make them look their best. First, make sure the shoes are completely dry before proceeding. It is important to allow the shoes to completely air dry, or use a soft cloth to absorb any remaining moisture. Once the shoes are fully dry, you can gently brush away any remaining creases with a soft brush or cloth. This will help to remove any stubborn wrinkles and give the shoes a more polished look.

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Next, use a shoe polish or conditioner on the leather or synthetic material of your shoes to keep them looking their best. Shoe polish will help protect the material from dirt and water while also giving it an extra shine. If necessary, you can also use a waterproofing spray for added protection against moisture and dirt. Lastly, store your de-creased shoes in an area that is free from direct sunlight and dust in order to ensure they stay looking great for years to come.

By taking these extra steps after de-creasing your shoes with a hair dryer, you can ensure that they look their best for years to come!

Alternatives to Using a Hair Dryer to Get Creases Out of Shoes

Shoes often get creased during regular use, and this can be unsightly. Fortunately, there are several alternative methods to using a hair dryer to remove those creases. The first is to fill two plastic bags with water and place them inside the shoes overnight. The moisture from the bags will help relax the material and remove any creasing.

Another option is to stuff the shoes with newspaper. This helps fill out any gaps in the material and will also help reduce any wrinkles or creases. To keep things in place, you can tie a rubber band around the shoe or wrap it in a towel.

Finally, you can use a shoe stretcher if you have one handy. This device is designed specifically for stretching out tight shoes and can be used on both leather and synthetic materials. It’s important to note that some shoe stretchers may not work on all types of shoes, so it’s always best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions before use.


Removing creases from shoes with a hair dryer is an effective and affordable way to restore the look of your favorite shoes. It is also a safe method as long as you take into account the heat and materials of your shoe, as well as the distance of the hair dryer from your shoe. To get the best results, start by using a damp cloth to remove any dirt and dust from your shoe before using the hair dryer. Once you’ve done this, use the lowest heat setting on your hair dryer and hold it at least 6 inches away from your shoe. Move the dryer in a circular motion over the creases, taking care not to stay in one spot too long to avoid damaging your shoes. After a few passes with your hair dryer, you should see noticeable improvements in the look of your shoes.

It is important to remember that while removing creases with a hair dryer can be an effective method for restoring the look of your shoes, it won’t always work for all types of shoes or all kinds of creases. If this method fails to work for you, there are other methods available such as using an iron or steam cleaner for tougher creases.

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