How to Alter Boots For Wide Calves

How to Alter Boots For Wide Calves: 3 Effective Ways

Tall ankle boots are a must-have for anyone looking to add some serious style and flair to their wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Plus, they always give any outfit that extra something.

However, if your calves aren’t your best feature, it can be hard to find stylish options that fit you. The biggest issue that most women face with tall boots is that they do not provide a perfect fit.

Most knee-high boots on the market are designed to fit like a glove on the heels yet are uncomfortable around the calves, especially if you have wide, small, or skinny calves.

Luckily, there are several ways you can alter the boots so that they fit comfortably while still looking chic! Here are some classical methods on how to alter boots for wide calves.

How To Alter Boots For Wide Calves

There are numerous techniques for adjusting your boots around the calf. Let’s look at some skilled stretching techniques used by cobblers.

These procedures are so basic that you can do them at home using basic household objects.

1.Using A Boot Stretcher

This is most definitely one of the best boot expanders for wide calves. Cobblers and shoemakers frequently use the boot stretcher to expand your leather boots around the calf. All you have to do is slip them into your tight boots, adjust the stretch level to your liking, and wait!

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The benefit of this approach is that it is simple to implement, and results are instant. The only downside is that buying this unique gadget can be rather expensive, especially if you only have one pair of boots.

A one-way boot stretcher is ideal for adjusting the width of your boots. But if you also need to extend the length, a two-way stretcher should work best.

These boot stretchers are available online; Amazon has a wide variety of them. Check this one out:

FootFitter Heavy Duty Professional Boot Width Stretcher

2.Steaming your leather Boots

If the cost of the above method concerns you, you can try steaming up your leather boots as another way of how to stretch leather boots around the calf. Cobblers often use this method; however, you don’t require a steam generator (boiler) as they do. Instead, you can use your family’s kettle.

That’s right; you can expand your leather boots with the steam rising from your home kettle.

Simply steam inside and outside your leather boots around the calf area, then put on your boots and head out. The leather around the calf will expand and stretch after steaming the area a few times.

Note: It would be best to put on socks before putting on leather boots, as they might get pretty hot after using this technique.

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3.Using Boot Stretching Spray

Another way of how to alter boots for wide calves is by using a boot stretch spray. This method is good for softening and stretching your leather boot.

Simply spray the leather stretching spray inside your boots, especially around the calf, before slipping your feet into your favorite boots. Sure it will be uncomfortable at first, but the leather will relax and conform to the contour of your foot after a few hours.

Most shoemakers use this boot stretching spray to soften the leather skin before using a boot stretcher to expand and widen the calf area of your boot. 

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You can check out different boot stretching sprays on Amazon. Here is a good example that works well with both leather and suede boots:

FootFitter Shoe and Boot Stretch Spray

Other DIY of how to Stretch Leather Boots around the Calf

Using a Blow Dryer

Aside from steaming leather boots, another popular way to alter boots for wide calves is to use a hairdryer. However, be careful not to overdo it, as too much heat can ruin your leather boots.

First, apply any moisturizing skin lotion on the inside part of your leather boots. Then use your blow dryer to heat up the insides of your boots for 1- 2 minutes.

After that, insert a pair of cedar shoe trees and let them rest overnight. This should give your boots the desired stretch and make them considerably more comfortable to wear.

Blow Dryer

Spray Using Water and Alcohol

This method is similar to using leather boot spray, but here you will be making your own boot spray. Mix water and alcohol, then spray it on the inside part of your boots.

Once thoroughly soaked, you can either wear your boots or if you don’t want to get your feet wet, you can use a boot stretcher to stretch the boots. 

The key here is to stretch your boots while wet until they dry up, or the leather skin will shrink, and you will be forced to start over again.

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FAQs About Boots for Big Calves

1. What are the Safest Methods for Stretching your Boots?

Any method that includes extending the boot from the inside out, preferably one that works directly around your feet’s shape, will produce the most natural fit.

If you don’t want to wear the shoe and prefer to use a dampening system, remember that you must keep stretching the boot until it is totally dry or risk shrinkage.

3. Is it Possible for Leather Boots to Stretch With Time?

Can you stretch leather boots? Yes, with time, leather boots stretch naturally. As you wear the boots, the weight and stress you place on them will cause them to mold to your feet. However, the change will be small and inadequate to remedy incorrect sizing.

4. Is it Possible to Stretch Suede Boots?

Suede boots, like conventional leather boots, can be stretched. If you’re going to use leather stretching spray, make sure you don’t get any on the suede’s exterior.

Can I wear regular boots if I have big calves?

While some regular boots may fit individuals with big calves, it’s often more comfortable to choose boots designed specifically for larger calf sizes.

How do I measure my calf size accurately?

Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the widest part of your calf while wearing the type of socks or leggings you plan to wear with the boots.

Are there options for wide width as well as wide calf?

Yes, many brands offer boots that cater to both wide width and wide calf measurements, ensuring a comfortable fit all around.

Are knee-high boots suitable for big calves?

Yes, knee-high boots can be suitable for big calves if you choose styles with adjustable closures or stretchy materials in the calf area.

Can I find fashionable options for boots with wide calves?

Absolutely. Many brands offer stylish options that prioritize both comfort and fashion for individuals with wider calf sizes.

How do I care for boots with larger calf sizes?

Follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for your boots to ensure they maintain their shape and appearance over time.

Now that you know how to alter boots for wide calves, you should have no problems fine-tuning your perfect-fitting boots.

You can basically pick any boot design and tweak it to your likings. Be sure to follow the above tips and take things slowly.

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