do timberlands run true to size

When it comes to buying shoes online, one of the most common questions people have is whether or not the shoes they are looking at run true to size. This is especially true for Timberland shoes, as they are well-known for their quality and durability. In this article, we will discuss whether or not Timberland shoes run true to size and provide some helpful tips on how to ensure a perfect fit.Yes, Timberland boots generally run true to size. However, the fit may vary depending on the style of boot and individual foot shape. It is recommended to try on a pair of Timberland boots before purchasing them to ensure the best fit.

Sizing for Timberland Boots

When it comes to finding the right size for your Timberland boots, it’s important to have a good understanding of your foot size. To ensure the most accurate fit, you should measure your feet with a Brannock device or ruler. Start by measuring the length of your feet in both inches and centimeters and then measure the width of your feet in both inches and centimeters. Once you have those measurements, you can use a sizing chart to determine what size Timberland boot you should purchase.

The Timberland sizing chart is slightly different than other brands, so it is important to pay close attention when ordering online or in-store. Generally speaking, sizes range from US 5 (UK 4/EU 37) to US 15 (UK 14/EU 49). Depending on the style, widths may also be available in medium (M) and wide (W).

If you are still unsure about what size Timberland boots would work best for you, try visiting a store that carries them to get an accurate fit. This way, you can try on different sizes and styles until you find one that fits comfortably. Remember that all feet are unique so it’s always best to get measured before purchasing your boots.

When purchasing online, make sure to read customer reviews carefully as they will often mention any potential fitting issues that may occur with certain styles or sizes. Additionally, some online retailers offer free returns and exchanges if the item does not fit correctly which can provide peace of mind when ordering unfamiliar sizes.

How Should Timberland Boots Fit?

The ideal fit of Timberland boots should provide a snug fit around the heel and instep, while allowing enough space for your toes to move freely and not feel cramped. The boot should fit comfortably against your foot and not pinch or give you blisters. The boot should also remain a comfortable fit when walking or standing for long periods of time. The lacing of the boots should be able to be adjusted to suit your individual foot shape and size, with plenty of room in the toe box to accommodate for feet swelling during a long day.

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When trying on the boots, it is important to check that there is no pressure points along the sides of the feet or across the top of your toes. It is also important to ensure that they are secure around your ankle and that there is no slippage when walking. Lastly, you will want to make sure that there is enough room in the toe box for natural movement when walking, as well as breathing room so your feet don’t become overheated or sweaty.

If you have any doubts about how Timberland boots should fit, it’s always best to consult an expert who can measure your feet accurately and advise you on which style and size is best suited for you. With regular wear, Timberland boots will mould themselves to your feet over time but having them correctly fitted from the start will ensure maximum comfort and support throughout their lifetime.

Are All Timberland Boots the Same Size?

No, all Timberland boots are not the same size. Each boot style is designed to fit differently and come in varying sizes. Depending on the style, some may fit snugly while others may fit more loosely. Additionally, depending on the activity, certain boots may be designed to have a slimmer fit than others.

When purchasing Timberland boots, it is important to take into account foot measurements and read product descriptions carefully to ensure a proper fit. If possible, it is recommended to try on different styles and sizes before making a purchase to determine which offers the most comfortable and secure fit. It is also important to consider whether an individual’s feet change in size over time or during different activities, as this could affect how well the boots fit later on.

Timberland offers an extensive selection of boots for men, women, and children in various sizes ranging from 4-17 (US) for adults and 4-13 (US) for kids. They also offer wide-fit options for those with wider feet or those who require added comfort and support when wearing their shoes or boots.

For extra convenience, Timberland also provides tools such as their online fitting guide with detailed instructions on how to measure your feet accurately. This allows customers to ensure they are purchasing the correct size boot for their foot type and activity level before making their final purchase decision.

Are Timberland Shoes Unisex Sizing?

Timberland shoes are designed in both men’s and women’s sizes, but many styles can be worn by both genders, making them a popular choice for unisex footwear. With the option to choose from a variety of men’s and women’s sizes, Timberland shoes are the perfect fit for any gender. Plus, their classic style makes them suitable for any occasion.

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The majority of Timberland shoes come in unisex sizing, meaning there are no specific sizes for men or women. For example, if you’re looking at a pair of Timberland boots that come in size 8-11, they’ll fit both men and women who wear those sizes. However, some styles may have slight variations between the two genders so make sure to check the product details before purchasing.

In addition to offering unisex sizing, many of their shoes are also available in wide widths which is great for those with wider feet. If you’re looking for something specific like a pair of wide width Chelsea boots or hiking boots then you’ll be able to find them in Timberland’s selection.

Overall, Timberland is an excellent choice when it comes to finding unisex sizing footwear that is comfortable and stylish. With their classic designs and versatile sizing options, they are sure to provide you with the perfect shoes for any occasion.

Measuring Your Foot for Timberland Boots

Timberland boots are a classic style that offers great comfort and durability. But in order to make sure you get the perfect fit, it’s important to measure your foot correctly. Here’s how to do it:

First, you’ll need a piece of paper and a pencil. Place the paper on the floor, and stand on it with your heel against a wall. Trace around the circumference of your foot with the pencil, making sure to include your toes. Then, measure the length of your foot in inches using a ruler.

Next, measure the width of your foot by placing the ruler across the widest part of your traced outline. Then, record both measurements so that you can compare them to Timberland’s sizing chart when shopping for boots.

Finally, when shopping for Timberland boots online or in store, be sure to check their sizing chart and use your measurements as a guide. This will help ensure that you get the perfect fit for your feet!

Can I Exchange My Timberlands If They Don’t Fit?

Yes, you can exchange your Timberlands if they don’t fit. Most retailers and online stores offer an exchange policy when it comes to footwear. It is important to read the store’s return policy prior to making a purchase so that you know exactly what your options are in the event that your new Timberland boots don’t fit.

When exchanging your Timberlands for a different size, you may be required to pay a fee or may be asked to mail back the original pair of boots before receiving the new size. The exact process for exchanges will vary depending on where you purchase your boots and which store policy you need to adhere to.

It is always best to try on shoes in-store or order them from a retailer where free returns are offered in case they don’t fit as expected. This way, you can avoid any additional costs associated with returns or exchanges and get the perfect fitting Timberland boots.

Measure Your Feet

The best way to ensure you get the right size of Timberlands is to measure your feet. Take a piece of paper and draw around your foot. Measure the length and width of your foot to determine its size in inches or centimeters. You can also go to a store and have an employee help you measure your feet for the best accuracy.

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Check the Sizing Chart

Once you know your correct foot size, check Timberlands’ sizing chart online or in-store before purchasing a pair. The chart will help you determine which size Timberland boots are best for you based on your measurements. Make sure to take into account any additional measurements such as arch length or ankle circumference when looking at the sizing chart.

Try On Different Sizes

After consulting the sizing chart, it’s important to try on different sizes of Timberland boots to make sure they fit comfortably and securely on your feet. When trying them on, make sure that there is enough room in the toe box so that your toes don’t feel cramped when walking and that the boot is secure enough so that it doesn’t slip off easily when walking or running.

Check for Comfort

When trying on different sizes, be sure to check for comfort as well. Make sure that there is enough cushioning around the heel and ankle area so that they don’t rub against each other while walking or running. Also check if the laces are tight enough but not too tight so that you can adjust them accordingly for added comfort.

Consider Width Options

If you have wide feet, consider buying a pair of Timberland boots with wider width options available. This will provide additional room in the toe box area which will ensure a more comfortable fit when walking or running. If there are no wider width options available, then opt for a half-size up from what is suggested by the sizing chart.

Ask For Help If Needed

If you still have trouble finding the right size of Timberlands, don’t hesitate to ask an employee at the store for help. They should be able to provide advice and assistance in finding a pair that fits just right.


In conclusion, Timberland boots generally run true to size. However, depending on the style and model of the boot, as well as your foot shape and size, it’s recommended to try on a pair before making a purchase. When ordering online, look for an online retailer with free returns or exchanges in case you need to switch out the size. Timberland boots are worth the investment due to their quality craftsmanship and durable materials that will last for years.

Overall, Timberland boots are dependable when it comes to size accuracy. It’s important to measure your feet and read reviews from other customers before making a purchase decision. If you take all these factors into consideration, you should be able to find a pair of Timberlands that fits perfectly and will provide you with lasting comfort for years to come.

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