Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

When it comes to picking the best shoes for swollen feet, style and fashion are two things to get out of the way.


Your feet need more comfort and protection. And while there’s nothing wrong with wearing shoes that fully complement your outfit, looking smart isn’t something you trade with being safe.

Shoes made for men and women with swollen squeeze your feet just right, gradually reducing internal fluid buildup, blood clot, and superficial veins expansion.

Their fully stretchable upper, roomy toe box and comfortable footbed contour to your feet.

And given their deep design that can easily accommodate custom orthotics, you get a pressure free fit and comfortable walking experience straight out of the box.

Best Shoes for Swollen Feet Reviews

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best shoes you can wear if you suffer from swollen feet.

Whether you’re a pregnant woman, an elderly person, or just an individual with severe edema, you’ll find the right footwear recommendation here.

1. Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford

Designed to be both comfortable and protective, Propet MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford is a good recommendation for men with swollen feet due to health problems, overuse, or injuries.

The top Velcro fastener makes the pair easy to wear and adjust for a custom fit.

The rubber sole, interior mesh lining, padded collar, and double air-infused rubber insoles make Propet Pedwalker 3 Oxford the most comfortable shoes to wear if you have swollen feet.

Since Pedwalker 3 Oxford shoes are stretchable, they’re ideal for feet with conditions that demand the extra wide room that normal shoes don’t have.

And given that they include leatherette, PU, and neoprene membranes, they soothe the swelling in the feet without causing further damage.

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They include double insole for custom fit and comfort. And although they’re already up to the standard, you can replace them with custom inserts, especially if you need some extra volume.


  • Suitable for diabetic men who suffer from edema
  • A lot of room in the toes to soothe your swollen legs and feet
  • Soft tongue that doesn’t cut into the top of your feet
  • Affordable yet very comfortable


  • Thin insoles that don’t last more than 12 month
  • Not the most durable outsole. They crack even before the upper does

2. Propet Men’s Cush N Foot Slipper

Propet Men’s Cush N Foot Slippers may not be sizeable enough for bandaged feet, but it’s lightweight and comfortable for casual strolls and long distant walks.

The pair’s adjustable Velcro fastener allows for an easy on and off. And given that the fastener is about 2 inches wide, you can adjust the slippers to get extra room for extremely swollen feet.

Cush N Foot’s synthetic sole unit is flat in design, so you somewhat get the walking benefits of zero drop shoes.

On the footbed are terry coat insoles that provide a cushioned platform that eases pressure against your feet with every step you take. And the comfort these inserts provide is good enough for standing and walking for an extended period.

Although the soles deliver better traction for indoor and outdoor use, they don’t have thick and deep grooves common in non-slip footwear. As such, they’re not suitable for oily, wet, or slippery floors.


  • Comfortable slippers for short and long distant walks
  • Easy to adjust depending on the size of your feet
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • The soles aren’t slip-resistant
  • Not wide enough for people with bandaged feet

3. Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clog for Elderly

With its rocker bottom and breathable PU foam footbed, Dansko Professional Oil Leather Clog provides the comfort that elderly persons need to walk on any surface.

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Although the rocker bottom doesn’t offer shock absorption as many athletic shoes do, it does help to reduce fatigue quite considerably.

And with an arch support that really stands out, Dansko Leather Clog are the best shoes for the elderly persons who suffer from severe edema.

Designed to keep you on your feet all day without compromising your comfort, Dansko Professional are quite a good option for older men and women who still maintain their balance.

Since their synthetic sole offers decent arch support, these shoes can help to minimize swelling in your feet and make it easy to get about your day just fine.


  • Leather doesn’t seem to scuff even after months of use
  • Comfortable shoes that you can wear with thin or thick socks
  • Good arch support


  • They need a week of break in period
  • Doesn’t offer exceptional shock absorption
  • The cushioning in the sole unit could be better

4. Skechers Performance Go Walk Slip-on Walking Shoes

Skechers’ shoes collection includes some of the most comfortable models for people men and women with swollen feet, with the Performance Go Walk Slip-on being the top recommendation from their inventory.

No products found.

Versatile in design, the 877 V1 are the types of sneakers for multiple use.

The pre-added inserts aren’t the best in the footwear world, but they offer a decent level of comfort for happy feet. Given that they’re removable, you can swap them with custom insoles for personalized comfort.

These would have been much better if they featured a Velcro closure system. But the ease to adjust the traditional lacing system for a custom and secure fit makes the pair perfect to wear before and during maternity.

What makes the New Balance Women’s 877 ideal shoes to wear during pregnancy with swollen feet is the thick foam padding and an additional fabric lining in the collar, heels, and tongue.

While these shoes offer adequate arch support for women with collapsed feet, it’s not so when it comes to raised arches. So if you have high arches and you still want to buy this model, consider getting some custom insoles.

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The cushioning in the sole unit is sufficient for occasional strolls on different surfaces. However, you might need to reconsider your option if you walk a lot on hard surfaces or uneven terrains.


  • Offers adequate arch support for flat feet
  • Expect your feet to snug well in these shoes
  • Traditional lacing system allows for a custom fit
  • Can last about 1,300 miles of walking before you need a replacement 


  • Doesn’t run true to size. Size up by half because you have swelling pregnancy feet
  • May be a little too roomy for some women. Wear thick socks should that be the case

7. Toms Ash Canvas Classic

If you have swollen feet, slip-on shoes that give you an on-the-go feel can make a big difference. And the Toms Ash Canvas Classics for men and women are such a recommendation.

While these are far from iconic, and not exactly the kind you’d refer to as fashion shoes, they feature elements of comfort and therefore go easy edema sufferers.

To begin with, the Ash feature an elastic V construction, which is a more practical design that makes them stand out.

The no lace design means ease of wearing. And even with a pull-tab behind the heels missing, you don’t struggle to slide your feet in these ones.

Further, the classic insoles are made of mixed rubber to provide resilience and flexibility while offering the comfort you need to stand and walk for long hours despite having swollen feet.


  • Cushioned insoles reduce swelling
  • They’re stretchable, so you can wear them even with thick socks
  • Made of high quality materials for durability
  • The zero drop design makes them ideal for walking


  • Not idea for long distance walks
  • The sole unit have thin treads

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