best memory foam walking shoes

Best Memory Foam Walking Shoes

Are you looking for the most comfortable memory foam walking shoes for occasional strolls? Maybe you need a pair for long distance walking but you’re wondering what model makes the cut?

This guide is for you.


Memory foam shoes are no doubt soft to the touch. And while they’re not as durable as standard sneakers, they’re ideal for walking because of the level of comfort that they bring.

Plush and responsive, and designed to contour to the shape of your feet, memory foam shoes gives your feet a walking platform that enhance your natural gait with every step you take.

In this guide, we dive deep into unpacking some of the most aesthetic shoes with memory foam design to make it easy for you to choose a pair.

Let’s get to the reviews, shall we?

Best Memory Foam Walking Shoes Reviews

1. Skechers Sports Flex Advantage 2.0

Skechers is a busy brand. Just when you thought they’ve released the best memory foam walking shoes yet, they unveil a new version.

Their Sports Flex Advantage 2.0 is the second edition in the series and one that runs true to size.

These are a great fit for two audiences: those who take casual strolls in the neighborhood and those who want to start walking for fitness.

They feature a breathable mesh lining on the upper for constant airflow, allowing your feet to breathe and stay cool and dry, especially in the days when you have to be on the move all day.

On the footbed is a soft, breathable insole that provides a comfortable platform for your feet.

Sports Flex Advantage 2.0 features a flexible footbed and outsole, which enhance a smooth heel to toe transition and feet pivoting with every foot trike.

With shoes, the outsole often does most of the work. And although we don’t expect the sole unit of these to last long, at least they guarantee four to five months of service.

The included Flex Sole technology provides traction and stability, giving you the balance you need to stay on your feet as you walk.

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There’s an additional cushioning layer in the interior, which, together with the shock absorbent outsole, lowers impact from the ground so every step you take feels smooth.

2. Skechers Glides Dockland Slip on Loafers

So you walk on tiles and concrete every day and you’re wondering if memory foam shoes can make a difference? Try Skechers Glides Dockland Loafers.

Feeling comfortable right out of the box, these loafers are perfect for that 11-hour a day shift, provided you clean the memory foam after use.

The slip-on design of these loafers makes them easy to wear. The two pull-tabs, one at the heels and the other on the opening, let you get a better fit.

With the elastic slide goring technology, these loafers stretch easily to accommodate your feet as you push them in.

With its supple, distressed oiled leather design, these shoes lack a fashionable appeal. But I wouldn’t sacrifice comfort for aesthetics anyway.


Because even in the days where footwear fashion is blending and matching up in style with related accessories, a laid back look in comfortable memory foam walking shoes is still a thing anyways.

The science behind the choice of material for the Glides Dockland Loafer is simple. The leather easily molds to the feet after only a week of breaking in. And the material can tolerate moisture to some extent, so you can use them in light rain conditions.

These shoes are not waterproof, but you can make them water resistant with milk oil if you want.

3. Skechers Sport Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

Sketchers Sport Loving Life sneakers have a magical combination of cuteness and comfort. That’s a rear combo in many walking shoes from the same and other brands.

These are breathable to keep your feet cool and dry.

The lack of real laces may not be everyone’s gripe. But if you have narrow feet and you need that snug fit, you probably are better off with the Sports Flex Advantage 2.0.

But if you’re someone who wears walking shoes in normal width, these are perfect slip-ons to get. They have a bit of a stretch, and once your feet are in, you feel the snug.

That’s not to say that you can’t add real laces to these shoes. You can, and here’s a walkthrough:

  • Look for the spot where Skechers sew in the laces
  • Cut the thread with a pair of scissors
  • Unlace and replace with the real laces
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The footbed provides a comfortable platform for your feet. And while the padding isn’t perfect, it’s not inferior either.

Since the midsole of these memory foam shoes are flexible, they allow the ball of your feet to bend easily for an easy heel to toe transition.

The rubber soles include flex grooves that provide a solid foundation that grips different surfaces to give you the stability and traction required to keep you on your feet.

There are at least three problems with these fashion sneakers.

They won’t last long, especially if you plan to wear them for a lot of walking. Since they have low arch support, they don’t make good walking shoes for flat. And although very rare, you might feel the heel rubbing. 

4. Skechers Men’s Equalize 2.0 True Balance Sneakers

The Equalizer 2 True Balance Sneakers are memory foam walking shoes that run true to size.

Unlike the Loving Life sneakers for women, these feature lace-up design with real laces for a personalized, snug fit. There’s even a pull-tab for that quick heel fit before you lace up.

Like Sports Flex Advantage 2.0, the Men’s Equalizer 2.0 True Balance Sneakers are lightweight and allow fast walking.

To walk properly, you need breathable walking shoes that allows for constant airflow. Given that that these feature a breathable upper that does just that, expect your feet to stay cool and dry no matter how hot it gets out there.

The sole unit itself is flexible. After a day or two of wearing, the midsole become flexible enough to allow easy heel to toe transition. This translates to cushioned steps and improvement of your gait as you walk.

There’s a dual life, dual density midsole, which minimizes pressure from every step you take. These also include a wrap-around heel counter that lets you stop shoe creases as you walk. 

5. Ryka Women’s Sky Walking Shoes

While Ryka now sounds normal than a new brand in the footwear space would, you really can’t say the same for its Sky Waking Shoes for women.

These are among the most stylish designs by the brand. So if you ever want to combine some elements of fashion with casual wear for the evening or a date for the weekend, these will do.

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The leather and mesh material reads obvious in words, but when you start to experience the comfort the shoes deliver, your perspective about memory foam walking shoes changes completely.

Leather means you get durable shoes, and the mesh enhances constant airflow in and out of the shoes, keeping your feet cool and dry as you walk.

Traction on the rubber sole does its job right. While Ryka hasn’t labeled these as non-slip, they seem to hold quite well even on wet floors.

The lightweight, molded EVA midsole, with a TPU midfoot shank, takes the shape of your feet, so every next step you take feels natural just like the first.

You’ll love how Ryka optimizes the weight of these memory foam shoes. Weighing 7.9 ounces per pair, these shoes are lightweight enough to get you walking faster and for longer.

It’s in the latex base that the magic happens. Since it protects the sock liner from constant compression with every step you take, you enjoy an all-day comfort even when you’re too busy to stop.

6. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoes

It’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoes for truly happy feet. And if you’re willing to accept it, it’s hard to skip these ones if you need shoes made of memory foam.

Its audience is big, with fans who aren’t holding back on the good and the ugly of logging miles with Go Walk Joy.

These are the most rated memory foam shoes from the brand, with over 30,000 women rating them well for their all-around comfort.

Because they have a soothing effect on the feet, the Go Walk Joy walking shoes can ease bunion, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis.

You will love these walking shoes because they have a supportive footbed, which feels like a piece of soft sponge in contact with your feet.

The upper stretches well when you wear them. And they go back in shape when you take the shoes off, so they don’t look bulky at all.

And don’t worry if your feet are straight out flat because these have a generous arch support that raises them well so that you can walk comfortably. 

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