What Are the Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet?

Do you have wide feet and wondering what boots to wear on your next hiking adventure? We put together a list of the best hiking boots for wide feet that you can buy and wear right now.

These boots don’t just break in easily; they also fit perfectly.

From Timberland and Columbia to Propet and New Balance, there are nearly close to half a dozen hiking boot brands that you can buy for your next-level adventure.

But that doesn’t mean any pair will be a good fit. And if you have broad feet, it becomes even harder to get a good selection on the go.

Here’s the deal:

The last mistake you ever want to make is to invest your money on hiking boots that just won’t fit. Spend money shoes that can break in easily and fit you perfectly. If you prefer normal shoes, at least make sure they run wide enough to easily accommodate your feet.

The goal of this guide is to help you find good hiking boots for men and women with wide feet. The guide recommends the top 5 pairs that will make walking throughout your escapade more comfortable.

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet -Men

1. Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Detroit Hiking Boots

With surprisingly durable laces, a Gore-Tex insulation technology, a mixture of leather and textile lining, and a patented Salomon 4D chassis, Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boots take the credit for being the most comfortable and durable boots to wear when going hiking.

These boots weight 640 grams; that’s about as lightweight as they can get, so they don’t require a lot of energy to move around.

The nylon and suede leather give these boots good ventilation. A combination of leather and texture lining, coupled with the Gore-Tex lining, offers maximum protection from water. And the 4D chassis makes the boots more stable without compromising quality or sacrificing your comfort.

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Another thing you will love about suede leather and nylon woven mesh is their extremely up to par scratch resistance. Also, these boots’ heights are just about the perfect size, so they should reduce the risks of possible injuries pretty well. The ankle support is close to perfect as well; this should keep you hiking for long hours.

Although these are among the best hiking boots for wide feet designed for men, they are a little bit hard to break in because they are somewhat stiff. However, if they fit, Salomon Hiking Boots for Men with wide feet are most comfortable options that money can buy.

While they are durable and feel very light, the sole is somewhat thin. So, you will feel the trail every step of the way. And although this is not a big problem per se, my guess is the sole may not last long enough, and may even become uncomfortable in the future.

2. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boots

Timberland combines leather and textile to design the most durable hiking boots with oiled-leather finish. The leather is pretty basic, but the quality is good enough.

The boots are well padded at the top, and there is enough room to the toes. Also, these shoes are designed in such a way that they cover the ankle bone really well.

The sole is made of rubber, and each boot has a shaft about 4.75 inches from the arch. Timberland White Ledge are 100% waterproof; so you can wear them any time, even during snowy weather or heavy rains.

The multi-directional traction lugs and the removable dual-density EVA footbed are additional features that make these shoes stand out. The lugs give the boots exceptional traction and the EVA footbed offers a wearer exceptional comfort.

Weighing only 19 ounces, the White Ledge hiking boots for wide feet are just about as lightweight as you would expect them to be. Besides the stylish look, excellence in breathability, and flexibility, these boots are abrasion resistant, meaning you can walk in them for a long time without registering even a single scratch.

As far as quality goes, these shoes are top-notch. But despite being stylish, breathable, waterproof, comfortable, and lightweight, they aren’t as durable as some brands out there.

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3. Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Canvas Hiking Boots

Salmon Men’ Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot may not be as lightweight as the rest of the best hiking boots for wide feet on our list.

But at its best it provides the functional capabilities that make them comfortable for hiking maniacs like you. They are comfortable, and they provide just the right degree of ankle stability needed for long-hour hiking.

These boots feature a 4.5-inch forefoot, tall ankle collar, and a 4D Advanced Chassis, which altogether make the shoes stable enough for hiking, even for long hours.

Salomon designs these boots well enough to offer you the protection you need against water, so you can hike freely without worrying about water on the trails. Quest 4D 2 GTX features a combination of nylon and leather construction, a Gore-Tex liner, and gusseted tongue for exceptional performance in the wet.

Although Quest 4D 2 GTX has the wow all-around traction, an up to par solid lacing system, and the kind of abrasion resistance power for good hiking boots for wide feet, the pair isn’t as perfect as you’d expect.

The snug feet won’t work for every hiker, especially people that have very wide feet. And even more terrifying is the thin underfoot; because you can feel the trail throughout your adventure.

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Best Hiking Boots for Women with Wide Feet

4. Salomon Women’s X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Hiking Shoes

There is no way the X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Hiking Shoe is going to miss in the hiking circles. After all, it is one of the best pairs of hiking boots for women with wide feet from a reputable brand.

The insoles of these boots are made of polyurethane and recycled rubber for maximum comfort. The pair also features an integration of the SensFit system technology, which provides both precise and secure fitting for the shoes.

The sole of these boots has three layers, each with a different, uniquely integrated technology. The layer between the outer and inner sole is made of ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), a more eco-friendly and less toxic material.

EVA is good for these boots because it provides the best UV-radiation resistance, stress-crack resistance, as well as waterproof properties.

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The middle section of the sole is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a design technique commonly referred to as the boost technology. TPU not only makes these boots flexible and lightweight, but also offers superior cushioning as well as durability.

Beside the high level of flexibility, the boost technology offers a high level of abrasion resistances and load-bearing capabilities.

The outsole is made of hard rubber. This not only makes the boots robust, but also contributes to the stable construction.

These are good boots for women that have wide feet, but some people may find them a little hard to fit in. This is a problem you can easily get around, though, by simply loosening the laces a little bit.

5. Timberland Women’s Norwood Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Timberland Norwood Mid Waterproof hiking boots for women who have wide feet doesn’t integrate the boost technology for sole design like in the Salmon.

But the ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) material used for the midsole is good enough for shock absorption and added cushioning.

Besides the high quality leather used to design the shoes, these boots also have the Green Rubber Rug Sole that not only boosts traction, but also enhances durability.

Timberland Norwood Women’s Hiking Boots are said to be soft. But the exact attribute that makes the pair a perfect choice for every woman that has wide feet is comfort. And if that doesn’t sound good enough, these boots have 100% waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry, not matter how heavy it rains on the trail during your escapade.

These boots offer enough support on different terrains. So, whether you plan to hike on a rocky mountain, walk up and down a sloppy area, or hike when it is wet, these boots will give you the balance that you need throughout your adventure. What’s more, they are quite optimum for long hikes and an extra padding is added around the ankle to provide the best arch support.

Because Timberland Women’s hiking boots don’t require breaking in, they are not only easy to wear but also easy to take off. These are also lightweight, weighing about 13 ounces, so they won’t add weight on your feet on the trail.

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