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What is Boots and Pine All About?

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

How can I find the most comfortable footwear for just any activity?

You’ve come to the right place.

I strongly believe that your footwear is more than just a fashion statement. It bundles and comforts your feet, and provides the maximum protection you need as you about your daily business.

Unfortunately, filtering through the noise to find what’s best for you can be a hassle.

Think about it:

Manufacturers spoil you for choice with unlimited options on shoes and boots – and pretty much any footwear accessory you can name.

Although that’s a good thing, judging from the face value at least, it can be challenging to find what appropriate, particularly in the age where fashion has gone digital.

Even online review and rating system aren’t up to scratch. While they may be helpful, they tend to be somewhat skewed.

It’s only when you actually take a pair of shoes for a test run that you realize we need a more reasonable approach to testing, researching, rating, and recommending footwear and related accessories.

That’s where Boots & Pine comes in.

Built with the interest of people who are looking for the best footwear for the right purpose, Boots and pine takes away the guesswork from the evaluation process and helps you make the right footwear decision the first time.

My goal with Boots and Pine is simple:

I want to keep you from spending countless hours trawling the web to find information on shoes by doing the hard work for you. Although the advice that appears on this site is for information purpose only, I’m confident that the reviews and comprehensive how-to guides will point you in the right direction so that you can choose the right pair of shoes.

My approach to creating and maintaining this blog is different from the strategies other footwear bloggers use.

Mine generally looks something like this:



Collect a number of shoes believed to be suitable for a particular purpose or style.


Read Reviews

Check what other people are already saying to determine if I would want to try the footwear out



Finding out what’s already out there on the selected footwear as a starting point



Getting a first-hand experience with the product where possible to give a reasonable view on why it’s a good fit.



Talk to dealers and human testers  to determine the value of the footwear.



Feature a list of only the very best footwear and accessories that can give you the biggest bangs for your bucks.

While I’m not able to take every pair of shoes I come across online and in the local shoe stores for a test run, my access to substantial amount of information based on real human experiences makes it possible to recommend the right footwear to my audience.

Why I Write About Shoes

I’ve had a thing for shoes ever since I bought my first Nike Air Force 1. And I’ve been buying, testing, and reviewing shoes since.

To be clear:

I’m by no means a shoe expert. In fact, I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes at New Balance, Adidas, Nike or Timberland.

But being someone who has logged hundreds of thousands of miles in different types of shoes, sandals, and boots, I can easily tell the difference between what’s comfortable and what’s straight out mediocre.

I love how footwear brands try to impress the market with new, stylish inventions. Just when you think that Brooks stopped the production of the Ghost series at 11 or New Balance 572 was the last on the line, another model appears.

Clearly, brands spoil you for choice, which is an excellent phenomenon that invites you to an adventure of exploring a new model of work, sports, or leisure footwear before it goes out of fashion.

I love how dynamic the footwear industry is. And my obsession with everything footwear is, without a doubt, the driving force behind this blog. From identification and research to testing and recommendation, I make sure to keep you posted on what truly matters.

What You Can Expect from This Blog

Manufacturers often claim to release the best footwear in the market, usually with the latest models being better than the previous.

That’s great.

But you can’t just take their word for it and sweep everything else under the rug. Or you risk buying the wrong shoes and wasting your time and money altogether.

You can expect in-depth analysis of different type of footwear on Boots and Pine. The content on this site should help you make an informed decision on what to buy and what to avoid completely.

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